Minecraft PE [Full]

30 Aug 2020

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Update of the full version of the Hellish update: meet Minecraft version with the addition of Piglin Brute.

Two releases at once
In addition to the release of Minecraft PE, Minecraft Java 1.16.2 has been released on PC. The developers try to stick to the simultaneous release of versions for all platforms.
Illustration of simultaneous release of Java and Bedrock updates

Piglin Brute
The Piglin Brute spawns with a golden ax in the Bastion. Some interesting facts about him:
  • Attacks players even in gold armor
  • Doesn't pick things up from the ground
  • Can't trade
  • Not afraid of the fire of souls
  • Not afraid of Zoglins and Zombified Piglin
Description of the Piglin Brute

Crafting management
It became more convenient to play with the controller. Were fixed bugs, among them:
  • Fixed a bug due to which it was impossible to select craft
  • Fixed tooltips

Illustration of changes when working with the controller

Fixed bugs
Fixed 71 bugs. Some fixes from old beta-updates. We have written out the most interesting for you:
  • Corrected custom skins on servers
  • Mobs now spawn within a 44 block radius
  • Zombies spawn underground again
  • Hoglins no longer attack players in Peaceful Mode
  • Piglins can no longer pick up a whole stack of gold
  • Wall blocks now connect to glass blocks
  • Fixed jolts from slime blocks
  • Fixed the level of light from Soul campfire
  • Netherite items no longer bounce off a lava
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