Minecraft PE [Beta]

11 Sep 2020

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The new test version of Minecraft Bedrock includes 27 changes. The update also received new experimental settings.

More Experimental Settings
The game has more Experimental Gameplay settings. So far, this is just visual design; the functionality will appear soon. Perhaps it will be related to Minecraft Live on October 3rd.
More Experimental Gameplay settings

More by Vanilla Parity
Made 6 changes for Java Parity.
  • Zoglin kids now have big cute heads
  • You can fill the composter with mushroom light
  • Crimson and Warped Mushrooms can now be placed on Mycelium Blocks
  • Observers now correctly interact with pistons
  • Fixed crafting flags with golden apples
  • Fixed composter usage

More Vanilla Parity

Corrected mistakes
Fixed 21 bugs. The main ones are:
  • Fixed crashes when using Shulker's Box
  • Fixed crashes when using the /fill command
  • Portal blocks set with /fill now disappear after 1 second
  • Foxes no longer take damage when falling on berries
  • Skin editor now shows cached items offline
  • Boots with the Speed ​​of Souls no longer get stuck on the player after being broken
  • Wild Piglins no longer lose equipment when zombified
  • The Forge table now displays the Hammer icon
  • Structures are not trimmed if they were set using the /structure command

The fox is jumping into the bushes

This is a test version. Make copies of the worlds.
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Last Version

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Version (Beta)

  • Xbox Live

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  • Free Skin Editor

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    All paid skin items are now available for free. Try on the item you like, it will be saved on your skin automatically.

  • Market does not work

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    The market does not work, since this version has been hacked into the Skin Editor. We cannot configure the simultaneous operation of the market and the editor.


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