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09 Oct 2020

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At Minecraft Live 2020, the developers announced the «Caves and Cliffs» update. Many new features, we will try to tell you as much as possible about Minecraft 1.17.

Mojang is slated to release Minecraft 1.17 in the summer of 2021. We think the first beta should be expected in winter.

Cover of the Caves and Cliffs update.

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Overgrown cave
Giant, overgrown and flooded caves have been added to the game. The developers have reworked the generation. Added new types of plants:
  • Glow Berries - emit light, are edible
  • Spore Blossom - emits particles
  • Dripleaf Plant - you can walk on them
  • Azalea Roots - tiny trees
  • Moss Blanket

Illustration of overgrown caves.

Dripstone caves
Stalagmites are mineral formations growing from below. Stalactites - growing from above.
  • Instant damage
  • May fall on the player
  • Dripping water can be collected in the boiler

Illustration of dripstone caves.

New generation
Changed world generation:
  • Added groundwater
  • The mountains got steeper and higher
  • Ore underground will be generated in groups, in ore veins
  • Perhaps they will add "snowy snow" through which the player will fall through
  • Added new structures

The generation of mountains has been changed in the game.

Glow squid
During Minecraft Live, players voted for a new mob: the Shining Octopus won. They will be found in the depths of the sea and underground caves. Meet a living light source.
Illustration of a new mob. A glow squid glows underwater.

New redstone
Redstone goes to the next level. Thanks to the new blocks, wireless circuits can be built. The following blocks are generated in the Deep Dark Biome:
  • Sculk Block
  • Sculk Chute
  • Sculk Growth - A thin growth, like a layer of snow.
  • Sculk Sensor - a sensor that reacts to steps, block placement, and shots. Wool can drown out the sound, then the sensor will not respond. When triggered, fires a Redstone signal. You can build wireless circuits.

a sensor that reacts to steps, block placement, and shots

It looks like a minotaur and reacts to sounds and senses your fear. The faster you run, the faster it catches up. To survive, you need to sneak.
  • Focuses on sound
  • Serious damage: from 30 units per hit
  • Has 84 health or more
  • Lives near a new structure

New mob Warden that responds to sound.

Amethyst Geode
Amethyst Geodes are rare blocks that are generated in groups in new structures underground. Can't be broken. Amethyst Crystals grow on geode blocks. Shards of crystals drop from them. They are used to craft a telescope.
Description of Amethyst.

Fish that live underwater in overgrown caves.
  • Can be caught in a bucket and tamed
  • The tamed ones protect you
  • Come in different colors
  • Pretends to be dead during combat to restore health
  • Attacks guards, drowned men and any fish

Axolotl illustration.

The developers have solved the problem of lack of space in the inventory and added bags.
  • You can stack up to 1 stack of blocks
  • The tooltip shows all the items inside
  • The bag can be tied and passed to a friend
  • You can pull items out at any time

A bag that holds up to a stack of items.

New ore will be generated underground.
  • Used to craft Telescope and Lightning Rod
  • Copper blocks can be crafted
  • Copper blocks become patina over time (turn green)

Copper ore and copper block.

Lightning rod
During a thunderstorm, attracts lightning strikes and protects the house. Crafted from copper.
The lightning rod protects the house from lightning strikes.

Allows you to see at a great distance. Crafted from crystals and copper.

Added Goat to the mountain biome.
  • Jump high, overcoming obstacles
  • Butt and push other animals far away
  • Can reproduce

Mountain goat illustration.

Use a brush to extract ceramic shards. The shards can be placed on pots and burned. The fragments can depict:
  • Ender Dragon
  • Skeleton
  • Alex
  • Wood
  • Vindicator

Archeology description.

Release Date: Summer 2021
The first beta will be released earlier


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