Minecraft PE [Beta]

22 Oct 2020

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New beta of Minecraft Bedrock with a few changes. Bug fixes and 5 changes to death messages.

Death messages
Death reports have gotten more creative. Made 5 changes.
  • Death message from the Trident: "was impaled to death"
  • Lama spitting death message: "spit by Lama"
  • Death message from Skeleton: "shot by Skeleton" instead of "shot by an arrow"
  • Fire death message of Ghast or Ifrit: "burned by Ifrit / Gast"
  • Death message by Shulker: "shot by Shulker"

Changed pop-up messages after death.

Corrected mistakes
In addition, developers fixed 10 bugs.
  • Fixed 3 bugs in the text screen reader
  • Fixed text contrast issues
  • Increased the spawn radius of mobs in raid
  • Nether brick blocks can be crafted again
  • Fixed the required number of Nether bricks
  • Fixed NBT component lock_in_inventory. Armor with this component cannot be worn

This is a test version. Back up your worlds.
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