Minecraft PE [Beta]

15 Nov 2020

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The long-awaited innovations from the announcement of "Caves and Rocks" have been added to the new beta of Minecraft Meet Goats and Powder Snow.

Why "Caves and Rocks" in 1.16?
The developers decided to add the first Cave changes already in this 1.16 beta. To activate the innovations, enable the experimental option "Caves and Cliffs" in the map settings.
List of Cave Changes
A new mob will temporarily spawn in the Mountain biome until it gets a new home.
  • Goats - "kings of the mountains" who can climb mountains
  • Reduced fall damage
  • They know how to jump at an unexpected moment
  • They know how to push uninvited guests from the mountain
  • Drop the Horn if they hit a tree
Minecraft PE [Beta]
Loose snow
Snow to drown in. Temporarily available only in the Creative inventory.
  • No fall damage
  • Suck the player in and pass through themselves
  • With leather boots, you can easily walk on loose snow
  • Goats are smart and avoid this snow
  • The texture is different from normal snow
  • Fog texture if player is inside
Description of new mob - goat
Corrected mistakes
Fixed 53 bugs. The most interesting thing here:
  • Fixed crashes during flight
  • Improved the system for reading text from the screen
  • Fixed items disappearing from double chests
  • Compass no longer disappears from hands when used on Magnetite while in Creative Mode
  • Fixed the generation of cocoa beans
  • Fixed the texture of the Netherite Pants
  • Residents no longer take jobs from each other
  • Two Piglins can no longer pick up the same item that has fallen nearby
  • Bees leave the hive only from the front
  • Fixed / playsound command
  • The maximum duration of the / effect command is 1,000,000 seconds
  • Fixed the texture of the Zombified Piglin
  • Fixed Profile screen
Description of new block - loose snow
Don't forget about «Caves and Rocks.» Activate «Caves and Cliffs» in map settings.

This is a test version. Back up your worlds.
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