Minecraft PE 1.16.100 [Full]

18 Nov 2020

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Minecraft update 1.16.100 can be downloaded at the end of the article. Meet over 100 changes, a new Achievements Screen and Experimental settings for Android.

New achievement screen
Earlier, we talked about the new achievement screen that only a select few have seen. In this update, the achievement screen has been updated for everyone. In addition, more than 10 new items have been added to the game in the Skin Editor. You can get them through achievements.
Minecraft PE 1.16.100 [Full]
Console commands
Minecraft beta has already added these commands. The release brought them all together. Meet 9 new commands and several edits:
  • /structure - allows you to save and load buildings without structural blocks
  • Added the ability to animate a building using the /structure command
  • /music - allows you to play and manage your own music
  • /playanimation - a command with which you can start a one-time animation
  • /camerashake - turns on the camera shake effect
  • /ride - allows you to force some entities to ride others
  • /clearspawnpoint - resets the player's spawn point
  • /event - a command to start an event for an object
  • /fog - the command for setting fog
  • The /spawnpoint command no longer affects sleeping players
  • Fixed the /execute command
New Experimental Settings
This was already in beta, but the functionality was improved in the release. You can enable Experimental options in the map settings. For example, here you can turn on biome customization or activate "Caves and Cliffs".
Vanilla Parity
Made 48 changes. Some of them were already in the latest beta versions. We have translated all the changes. Click on the spoiler below to view.
  • Turtles make a sound when they lay their eggs
  • Dolphins die without water in 120 seconds, just like in Java
  • Fixed fixing items using experience
  • Basalt is not destroyed by Gast's fireballs
  • Increased Basalt durability
  • TNT is not activated if you put a torch on top
  • Experience orbs now float in water
  • Fixed Netherite floating in lava
  • Netherite armor does not lose durability when standing on magma blocks
  • Hero of the Village discounts are now Java compliant
  • Phantom Wings now emit pops
  • Pistons can no longer be extended above the maximum height
  • The Cooking Stand can be crafted from Blackstone
  • Garden beds can be created using the / give command
  • If Cod or Salmon are killed with fire, cooked fish will be dropped
  • Chains can be installed horizontally
  • In Valleys of Soul Sand, ceilings are now covered in Soul Sand and Soil
  • Basalt delta ceilings are now covered with a layer of Basalt
  • Striders with passengers can now be lured with mushrooms
  • Piglins drop their inventory after being Zombified
  • Armor does not disappear if Normal and Brutal Piglin are zombified
  • Cruel Piglin gives 20 experience points instead of 10
  • Lanterns can be placed underwater
  • Piglins offer the same items in exchange as in the Java Edition
  • Soul fire drowns snow and ice blocks again
  • Zombie Piglins no longer hover over Striders while riding
  • The warped mushroom can now grow in the Crimson Woods
  • Piglins now offer Nether Bricks instead of Nether Blocks when exchanged
  • Baby Hoglin and Zoglin now drop items upon death
  • Zoglins Babies now have big cute heads
  • Wither Skeletons now automatically attack Cruel and Normal Piglins
  • Hoglins will now flee from Rebirth Anchors
  • Iron Golems now attack Hoglins
  • Zoglins now take damage from healing effect and heal from poison effect
  • If there is a Glittering Watermelon Slice in the chest near the Abandoned Portal, there will be more than 1 of them
  • Zombie Piglins on Striders now spawn with a warped mushroom on a fishing rod
  • Cruel Piglins no longer spawn with enchanted Golden Axes
  • Nether Plants can be used in a composter
  • Crimson and Twisted Mushroom can now be placed on Mycelium
  • The Speed ​​of Souls enchantment can only be found in Bastions
  • Soul bonfires drop Soul Soil instead of coal after being destroyed
  • Strider health increased from 15 to 20
  • Piglins can equip shields, tortoise shells, elytra, or other mob heads
  • Brutal Piglins no longer get angry if you break their chests, but will still attack you if spotted
  • Baby Zombie Piglins now hold items correctly
  • Pistons can be crafted from Nether wood
  • Little Hoglins damage has been reduced
  • Fixed Piglins spawning on peaceful difficulty
Fixed bugs
Fixed 124 bugs. To make it more convenient for you, we have translated 95% of errors and made several lists by category.
  • Fixed crashes during the game
  • Fixed a crash when opening Shulker's Crate
  • Fixed crash if player joined the game while sleeping
  • Improved the stability of multiplayer on Nintendo Switch
  • When using tags on Ender Dragon, the game does not crash when you restart the game
  • Fixed a crash when a stunned player connected to the game
  • Fixed a crash when Player1 disconnected his controller during split screen co-op
  • Optimized chunk loading
  • Accelerated signal transmission
  • Fixed disappearing worlds from the list on Xbox One
  • The achievement "Mayakovsky" can be unlocked again
  • The 'Shooters' achievement can be unlocked again
  • The achievement "Super Fuel" can be unlocked again
  • Invisible skins can no longer be used
  • The fishing rod can be used again if there is a mob in front of you
  • Boats and Minecarts retain their custom names after being destroyed and reinstalled
  • Fixed a bug due to which empty worlds were generated on PS4 if the import of a world was interrupted in the middle of the process
  • Chests generate correctly in End City
  • Fixed a bug due to which berry bushes did not deal damage
  • Killing mobs with armor with a ranged weapon drops that armor again
  • Fixed the choice of profession by villagers
  • Bees can leave their hive if it is in the Nether or the Land
  • Monsters can spawn during the day during a thunderstorm
  • Foxes no longer take damage when falling on berry bushes
  • Fixed Vexes movements
  • Ifrit now correctly switches between melee and ranged attacks based on distance from the player
  • Mob inactivity timer now resets when there is less than 32 blocks to the nearest player
  • Shearing a Snow Golem allows you to get a pumpkin
  • On land, turtles and dolphins now successfully crawl to water
  • Ghasts can spawn again in any light
  • Mobs in lava can look for a way out
  • Mobs can no longer move minecarts they are in
  • Mob spawn range now depends on draw range
  • Fixed leveling up when trading with Villagers
  • Improved productivity when harvesting by villagers
  • Fixed a bug due to which farmers could not harvest
  • Striders with a player can now jump onto magma blocks and half blocks
  • Baby animals can be tamed again
  • Bees can only fly out of hives through blocks of air
  • Slugs can spawn in frozen biomes
  • Fixed connection of wall blocks
  • Walls converted from Console Edition now connect correctly
  • Bubble columns now flow properly
  • Funnel with a chest at the top can no longer collect items
  • Gate now connects to Blackstone walls
  • Blocks cannot be rooted in the Nether again
  • The target no longer activates blocks from above
  • Fixed textures of hives and bee nests
  • Lava and water textures do not disappear if you place a block of honey or slime next to them
  • Fixed generation of the portal to the End
  • The grass grows more evenly at the boundaries of the sites
  • Brown and red mushrooms can now be grown into giant mushrooms on Nylium
  • Cocoa beans can now be grown on any jungle wood
  • Blocks subject to gravity no longer break when their support block is moved by a piston
  • Falling blocks break after falling from a great height
  • Podzol no longer generates below the top layer when generating large fir trees
  • The observer does not hang in the activated state after being moved by the piston
  • Fixed a bug due to which falling blocks could be duplicated near the portal
  • Fixed power rail
  • Fixed a bug due to which a hive without a tree spawned when growing seedlings
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Dragon Egg to disappear
  • The compass now indicates the correct direction when the player is in the boat
  • Compasses with custom names now retain their names when tied to a magnetic stone
  • Compass with the Curse of Loss enchantment does not lose its enchantment after being combined with magnetite
  • Magnetized Compasses can now be enchanted with Curse of Loss using an anvil
  • Boots with Soul Speed ​​no longer get stuck on the player after being broken
  • Items smelted prior to version 1.13 no longer contain the wrong damage value and can stack
  • Dropped items no longer float too low to the ground
  • Dragon Egg drops if it was destroyed by an explosion
  • Fixed the effects of the Totem of Immortality
  • Armor no longer gets stuck in hands after interacting with the Armor Stand
  • Fixed block colors on the map
  • Experience orbs are at their maximum brightness in any light
  • The flag pattern can be crafted in a 2x2 grid
  • The Thing Banner can now be created on a loom
  • Fixed display of item durability
  • Summon eggs can now be used on underwater mob spawners
  • Fixed an issue that caused item stacks to become invisible
  • Iron pickaxes can be dropped by mobs during raids
  • Fixed crash when loading large worlds in Realms
  • Clicking the "Manage" button for Realms subscriptions opens the corresponding Microsoft account page
  • Realms Plus content is now visible on all platforms
  • Realms loading error messages are now more verbose
  • Fixed issues with incorrect display of background graphics
  • Fixed a bug due to which the animation of destruction of bamboo was not displayed
  • Fixed issues with glass blocks on Windows 10
  • The Chat & Team button has a blacker border
  • Music is no longer muted when the player enters the water
  • Reduced horn sound during raid
  • Various improvements when crafting using the joystick
  • Cobblestone appears as the default item for crafting stone tools
  • Items in inventory will no longer move to the crafting grid when selecting a recipe
  • The recipe will not be deselected if you flip through the tab, even if you do not have the required items
  • Removed the "Name" field from the 3D export of the structural block
  • Fixed incorrect calculation of block position
  • Loading and saving buildings no longer affects the passage of time
  • Fixed a bug due to which the frame of the 3D model was not displayed
  • Added Noto Sans font license button
  • Updated loading screen tips
  • Fixed language settings for Simplified and Traditional Chinese
  • Fixed problems with the box for selecting blocks
  • The number of hours played is now correctly displayed on the achievements screen
  • Fixed a bug due to which the "Profile" button was displayed incorrectly
  • The sharpener no longer shows the result if it does not change the item
  • In the Skin Editor, cached items are now displayed if there is no Internet at the moment
Changes for addons
Made more than 100 changes in the field of customization of addons and textures. If you are interested in changes, check out the official changelog. Note that the developers have published new templates for creating mods:
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