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09 Dec 2020

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A new release of Minecraft has been released with a bunch of fixes and changes. The highly anticipated Render Dragon, Ray Tracing and OpenXR are the next step in modern game graphics.

Render Dragon
It is a new graphics engine that improves the performance and flexibility of the game. In 2019, the engine was added for Xbox and PlayStation, but with this version added support for Windows 10.

Render Dragon will be added to mobile devices in the future

Render Dragon released on Windows 10
Ray tracing
Thanks to Render Dragon, ray tracing has been added to Minecraft. This is a rare technology in computer graphics, you need an RTX capable graphics card for testing. More information here:
Information in English:
Ray tracing in Minecraft
Volume settings
Now you can change the volume of individual sounds. As you move the sliders, you will hear the sound and its volume. Customize the game for yourself!
New in-game volume settings
Minecraft switched to the OpenXR standard to support Windows MR mixed reality and Oculus VR support. You can start the game in OpenXR mode on Windows with the command:
  • minecraft://mode/?OpenXR=true
OpenXR support for VR and MR
Vanilla parity
Some of the changes were carried over from beta versions. Changelog for equality with Java version
  • Basalt cannot be broken by fire projectiles
  • Basalt blocks take longer to break
  • Dragon Egg drops as an item if destroyed by an explosion
  • Right clicking on a block of snow no longer breaks it
  • The grass path can now be made with a shovel
  • Updated textures of Netherite Pants
  • Twisting vines can no longer be placed on blocks if you sneak
  • Netherite armor now absorbs knockback by 90%
  • Bees no longer travel more than 22 blocks from the hive
Dragon Egg drops after exploding
Corrected mistakes
Fixed 51 bugs. Among them there are many fixes that were carried over from beta versions.
  • Accelerated map loading when flying on elytra
  • The game does not crash with too many requests. For example, due to command blocks
  • Fixed crash when flying or when passing through a portal
  • Fixed crashes when moving around the game world
  • Fixed crashes when loading a map
  • Fixed loss of sound when pressing pause
  • Fixed crashes when trying to launch x256 textures on Nintendo Switch
  • Disappeared cloaks will return to the skin editor
  • Fixed bugs when using a gamepad
  • Fixed a bug where the screen wobbled even when the option was disabled
  • Fixed a bug that caused mobs to freeze and become invisible
  • Villagers will no longer take jobs from each other
  • Mobs no longer stop attacking or following target
  • Two piglins can no longer pick up one item at the same time
  • Updated textures for ZombiePiglin
  • Mobs no longer spawn on Dried Roses
  • Bees will now correctly fly out of hives
  • Compass no longer disappears after being used on Magnetite
  • Fixed the texture of the glow sticks
  • Fixed generating cocoa in the jungle
  • Fixed installation of plates
  • Fixed the work of the blocks of the Portal to the Edge
  • Fixed texture packs working after restarting the game in VR
  • Made 13 edits to the text-to-speech work
  • Improved contrast
  • Changed death messages:
    • Trident: "was impaled to death"
    • Lama: "spit by the Lama"
    • Skeleton: "shot by Skeleton"
    • Gast or Ifrit: "burned by Ifrit / Gast"
    • Shulker: "shot by Shulker"
  • Added notifications about outdated graphics drivers
  • Fixed the rotation of the skin in the Skin Editor
  • Improved the Player Profile screen
  • Fixed the color "Strawberry Blonde" in the Skin Editor
  • Fixed the /playsound command
  • The maximum duration of the /effect command is 1,000,000 seconds
  • Fixed the /titleraw command
  • Fixed the /title command

Fixed bugs and Crash Report in the screenshot
Changes for addons
Made 27 changes for addon creators. More details can be found in the official Changelog. New templates have been published for this version:
Changes to the addons and textures system
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