Minecraft PE [Beta]

11 Dec 2020

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A new beta of Minecraft has been released for Android phones. Bug fixes, loose snow improvements, and Caves and Cliffs fixes.

Fixed 30 bugs related to Goats. Do not forget to activate Caves and Cliffs in the Minecraft map settings. The main ones on the list:
  • Goats no longer try to attack a target behind an obstacle
  • Goat no longer jumps on magma blocks
  • Goat can now jump on half blocks
  • Fixed a crash after killing a Goat with a shulker
  • Fixed Goat breeding
  • Leashed goat now follows the player correctly
  • Goat now only gives birth to 1 cub at a time
  • The goat no longer attacks the armor stand
  • Creepers no longer react to Goat attacks
  • Goat now correctly estimates jump range
  • Goat can be attacked again after jumping
  • Fixed a bug due to which the Goat jumped too high
  • Increased the accuracy of the Goat ram
  • Goats now only drop 2 horns
  • Cubs now push less distance
  • Knockback range depends on speed
  • The goat drops the first target on its way
  • The goat now pushes the target higher
  • Goat no longer jumps off honey block
  • Cub now jumps below
  • The goat rarely jumps on the plain
  • The goat no longer jumps when pushed from its original position
  • Changed the color of the Goat summon egg
  • Updated the Goat model, now she turns her head correctly
  • Added minimum distance for Goat ramming
  • Now the Goat tries to choose a long distance for the ram
  • Now the shield partially protects against ramming
  • After losing a horn texture, Goats first lose one and then the second horn
Fixed 30 bugs related to Goats
Loose snow
Fixed 2 bugs.
  • Added animation when the block is destroyed
  • Block is no longer transparent when viewed through clouds
Improved the work of Loose Snow
Vanilla parity
Made 2 changes.
  • If you wash off a thin layer of snow with water, snowballs will no longer fall
  • Using bone meal in the ocean now only creates sea plants
Vanilla Parity
Bug fixes
Fixed 7 bugs. The main ones are:
  • Updated some outdated loading screen hints
  • Fixed Silk Touch mining of Crimson Hyphae
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused parrots to fly upward infinitely
  • Fixed villagers V2
Minecraft PE [Beta]
Don't forget about the "Caves and Cliffs". Activate "Caves and Cliffs" in the map settings.

This is a test version. Back up your worlds.
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