Minecraft PE [Full]

16 dec 2020

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Minecraft has been released for Android. In the update, we fixed 5 bugs and increased stability.

Bug fixes
Fixed 5 bugs.
  • Minecraft now launches again on all Windows 10 devices
  • Fixed a bug that caused double chests to disappear
  • Shulker's crate does not lose its contents after using the cauldron
  • Menu buttons are visible again on older AMD computers
  • Fixed a crash when creating a world on Android
  • Windows 10 players are advised to update drivers
Developers have released a new bug fix
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Last Version

  • Xbox Live

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    Free sign-in to your Xbox Live account is available. There are no restrictions.


Go to Google Play

Download Minecraft 1.16.201 (xbox + skins)

Version (Full)

  • Working Xbox Live

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    Free sign-in to your Xbox Live account is available. No restrictions.

  • Free Skin Editor

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    All paid skin items are now available for free. Try on the item you like, it will be saved on your skin automatically.

  • Market does not work

    More details

    The market does not work, since this version has been hacked into the Skin Editor. We cannot configure the simultaneous operation of the market and the editor.


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