Minecraft PE [Beta]

21 Dec 2020

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A beta version of Minecraft has been released for Android. In the update, we fixed bugs and improved Loose Snow. Now Loose Snow can freeze the player, or put out the fire.

Loose snow
Made 25 changes. Loose snow can now freeze the player or help escape from fire. More in the list:
  • Loose snow lets out particles when someone is inside or jumping on a block
  • The player and any mobs inside the Loose Snow gradually freeze
  • The freeze effect is removed from burning players and mobs
  • The freezing effect is turned off with the command: / gamerule freezedamage false
  • Mobs can move in Loose Snow
  • Burning mobs and players are extinguished when caught in Loose Snow
  • Torches, frames and red dust can no longer be placed on Loose Snow
  • Sand and other blocks no longer break when falling on Loose Snow
  • Fixed the work of the third person camera in the snow
  • Fixed spawning of mobs in the snow
  • Loose Snow Removed From Creative Inventory
  • Loose snow no longer stops projectiles
  • Light mobs can walk on Loose Snow
  • Rabbits, silverfish and endermites don't fall through the snow
  • Now you can specify a list of blocks that the mob should avoid
  • Goats avoid loose snow
  • Fixed the sound of footsteps in the snow
  • Fixed a bug due to which leather boots did not allow walking in Loose Snow
  • Added unique sounds for Loose Snow
  • Added fog and frost to the screen if the player is inside the snow
  • The bucket can be used to carry Loose Snow
  • Changed textures of Loose snow
  • The movement inside the snow is now slower
  • Removed fall damage
  • Fixed texture errors for adjacent blocks
Developers have improved Loose Snow and added new features
Bug fixes
Fixed 14 bugs. Minecraft has become more stable.
  • Fixed the work of sounds in the Nether
  • Update the Minecraft Original Music Pack in the Marketplace to keep the sounds updated
  • Shulker's Crate no longer loses its contents after interacting with the cauldron
  • Changed the logic of dismounting from a mount
  • The player will no longer get out of the boat while in water or lava
  • F11 now activates full screen mode
  • If authorization fails, a more detailed response appears about the error.
  • Now the bonus in treasure chests depends on the seed. Same seed - same content
  • Fixed a bug that caused double chests to become invisible
  • Golden apples now have colored text when selected in the quick bar
  • Added new parameters for /fill, /setblock and /clone commands
Fixed bugs and errors
Don't forget about the "Caves and Cliffs". Activate "Caves and Cliffs" in the map settings.

This is a test version. Back up your worlds.
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