Minecraft PE [Beta]

04 Feb 2021

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A new test version of Minecraft is out on Android. In this update, the developers have fixed 26 bugs.

Fixed bugs
  • Fixed 17 bugs. The main ones on the list:
  • Fixed texture of spawn eggs
  • Fixed the work of the system of reading text from the screen
  • Improved client stability, fixed crashes
  • Fixed a crash when opening the achievements screen
  • Fixed game ticks, crops and seedlings can grow again
  • Fixed a bug due to which the tool could not be moved after use
  • Fixed textures of dried seaweed
  • Fixed a bug due to which snow and fall were generated in straight lines
  • Fixed TNT working underwater
  • Fixed translation of achievements
  • Fixed display of awards for achievements
  • Fixed display of skins in offline mode
  • Updated links to feedback site and bug tracker
  • Fixed flickering when resizing window
Developers have fixed TNT underwater
Technical fixes
  • Fixed map "Dragons!" in the Marketplace, after reloading the map, the behavior pack is no longer disabled
  • Disabled entity loading in biome custom settings
  • And a few other changes related to the creation of addons
Made technical changes
Don't forget the "Caves and Rocks". Activate "Caves and Cliffs" in the map settings.

This is a test version. Back up your worlds.
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