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21 Feb 2021

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The Nether Update is a global Nether update that was announced at Minecon 2019. The hellish version of Minecraft 1.16 is out on Android. Run to the Nether!

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This is a hostile mob that spawns in Crimson Forest or Bastion. The main hobby is hunting the Hoglins. If the Piglins kill Hoglin, they'll dance.
  • Afraid of the blue fire of souls
  • Loves gold
    • Does not attack a player wearing gold armor
    • Examines the gold in his hands
    • Exchanges goods for gold
  • Transforms into Zombie Piglin in the OverWorld
  • Protects your chest
  • With a 25% chance of spawning a baby
Piglin in the Nether
A hostile mob that spawns in Nether Crimson Forest in groups of 4.
  • Knocks up the player when attacking
  • Increased attack radius
  • Propagated by crimson mushrooms
  • Afraid of twisted mushrooms
  • Drops pork and skin
  • Hatchling can spawn (25%)
  • Cubs run away if hit
Nether Hoglin's Overview
Strders are new mobs that can walk on lava. Spawn in the Nether in lava lakes.
  • Love distorted games
  • Can be propagated with warped mushrooms
  • You can saddle
    • Put on the saddle
    • Sit down
    • Control a fishing rod with a warped mushroom
  • Tapping the fishing rod speeds up Strider
Nether Strider Overview
  • Find Ancient Debris in the Nether
  • Break with a Diamond or Netherite Pickaxe
  • Smelt the debris into Netherite Scrap
  • 4 Netherite Scrap + 4 Gold Bars = Netherite Ingot
How to get nether. Step instructions
Netherite - a new treasure?
It is now the most expensive stuff in Minecraft.
  • Does not burn in lava like items from Netherite
  • Improves diamond armor and tools
    • Increases strength
  • Can be used in a lighthouse
  • Took away the lead from diamonds for the first time in 10 years
Netherite Overview
New Biomes of Nether
4 new biomes have been added to the Nether. Explore a new Hell.

Soul Sand Valley
  • Most dangerous biome
  • Turquoise cloudy fog around
  • Burns with a blue flame
  • Structures
    • Basalt stalagnates
    • Fossil remains
  • Inhabited by Skeletons, Ghasts, Endermans
Description of the Soul Sand Valley
Crimson Forest
  • Nether Red Biome
  • Contains Huge Crimson Mushrooms
  • Hoglins and Piglins live
  • Around Red Fog
Description of the Crimson Forest
Warped Forest
  • Nether turquoise biome
  • Contains Giant Warped Mushrooms
  • Endermen dwell
Description of the Warped Forest
Basalt Deltas
New biome, similar to the result of a volcanic eruption.
  • White ash flies
  • Frequent spawn of magma cubes
  • Lots of Blackstone
Basalt Deltas biome description
Bastion Remnant
The bastions are huge Piglin structures that look like castles. They are generated in the Nether everywhere, except for Basalt Deltas. There can be 4 types:
  • Bridge
  • Hoglin's stable
  • House
  • Treasury
Bastion Remnant Overview
Screenshot of the entrance to the Great Bastion
New blocks
Added more than 10 blocks.
  • New wood
  • New wood products
  • New vegetation
  • New fire
New blocks from Nether Update
Respawn Anchor
You can set a spawn point in the Nether. For crafting you need:
  • x6 Weeping Obsidian
  • x3 Lightstone
How to set a spawn point?
  • Set Respawn Anchor
  • Charge it with Lightstone (up to 4 charges)
  • Press the Anchor with your hand
  • Done. Don't forget to refill your charges!
Respawn Anchor Overview
Lodestone is the block that attracts the compass needle. Install magnetite, click on it with a compass, and the compass will always show where the same magnetite is.
To use, you need to activate Experimental Gameplay.
Lodestone block overview

Animated Emotions
Animated emotions were first shown at Minecon 2019. The first developments appeared. Go to the character editor and you will see the "Emotions" tab. The list of emotions will continue to grow!
Animated player emotions
New redstone behavior. Now it makes more sense. Some old mechanisms will stop working, but new ones will appear. Wait for news.
Screenshot for Java. Red is coming soon to Bedrock.
Changes to the mechanics of redstone
Fire and Soil Souls
The Soil of Souls
The soil of souls is a block like the sand of souls. Doesn't slow down the player. The Fire on the Soil of Souls turns blue.
Fire Soul
Fire Soul - acts as normal. Double damage. Appears when you ignite Soul Soil. Generated in the Valley of Soul Sand. Will never go out.

Ruined Portals
New generation in the Upper and Lower worlds. Contains weeping obsidian, magma and lava. If you're lucky, you will find a treasure chest. There are 13 different options.
Description of Ruined Portals
A block mechanism that reacts to being hit by an arrow or a Trident. Creates a redstone signal.
  • The closer the hit is to the center, the higher the signal level
  • The signal level can be up to 15 units
Target block overview
Other changes
  • New enchantment: Soul Speed
    • Accelerates a player running on sand or soul soil
    • Shoes break with every step
    • Obtainable by trading with Piglins
  • Added Nether Gold Ore
  • In the distorted forest, added vines that grow up
  • Bonfire and TNT can be ignited with a burning projectile
  • The bell rings when hit by a projectile
  • Zombie Pigman renamed to Zombipiglina
  • After being struck by lightning, the pig no longer turns into a zombie pigman
  • Added craft chains

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