Minecraft PE [Beta]

19 Feb 2021

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A new test version of Minecraft is out for Android phones. In the update, Glowing Squids and other innovations were removed.

Glowing Squid
The update removed the Glowing Squids and everything that was added in the previous update The reason is too many crashes from the game.
  • Glowing Squids will disappear from the world
  • Related items will disappear from chests
  • The painted decals will change to black.
  • The glowing frames will disappear
The developers have removed the Glowing Octopus. The reason is frequent departures
Bug fixes
Fixed 8 bugs. The main ones on the list:
  • Fixed a bug when loading a Structural Block with an Acoustic Sensor
  • Fixed crashes when working with signs
  • All players now have a new achievement screen
  • Fixed bugs due to which the Skin Editor did not work
GameTest testing
The Gametest framework was added to the game. Most players don't need it. It is a complete testing solution. If you're interested, you can explore the /gametest command and the new experimental "Enable GameTest Framework" option.
GameTest framework added to the game
Don't forget the "Caves and Rocks". Activate "Caves and Cliffs" in the map settings.

This is a test version. Back up your worlds.
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