Minecraft PE [Beta]

05 Mar 2021

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Update Minecraft test version for Android phones. The developers have updated the Mountains and returned the Glowing Octopuses.

Mountain biomes
Updated the generation of mountains. Added mountain biome variations:
  • High peaks
  • Snowy peaks
  • Snowy slopes
  • Mountain grove
  • Mountain meadows
Added several variations of the mountain biome
Changing mountains
Apart from biomes, there are many other changes to the mountains:
  • Increased the height of the world from 256 to 320 blocks
  • The new mountains will be up to 256 blocks high
  • Added iron, coal and emerald ores to the mountains
  • Updated textures for all ore blocks
  • Goats spawn on the Snow Slopes, and rabbits spawn in the Mountain Grove
Increased the height of the world and made the mountains higher
Glowing octopus
We returned the Glowing Octopus and all the functionality associated with it.
The glowing octopus is back in the game
Bug fixes
Fixed 37 bugs. We paid great attention to Kapelnik. Here is a list of the main fixes in Minecraft:
  • Dropper:
    • Added Drip Block
    • Fixed incorrect dropper drop
    • Dropper textures conform to Java
    • Fixed drip damage
    • The drip is no longer destroyed by lava
    • Fixed message about death from Stalactite
    • Fixed voice acting
    • If you throw the Trident on the tip of the drip, it will collapse
  • Fixed crashes and crashes
  • Glowing signs no longer extinguish
  • Residents no longer walk through walls when there is a bed nearby
Fixed bugs and errors
Technical errors
Fixed 19 bugs. The main attention was paid to the GameTest framework: 11 changes were made. More details on the official page.
Made technical changes
Don't forget the "Caves and Rocks". Activate "Caves and Cliffs" in the map settings.

This is a test version. Back up your worlds.
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