Minecraft PE [Full]

10 Mar 2021

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The developers have released Minecraft release for Android devices. The update is aimed at improving stability, in this version more than 100 changes have been made.

Vanilla parity
Work continues on equality with Java. The developers have made several changes:
  • Fixed ambient sounds in the Nether
  • Install Minecraft Original Music Pack to hear new sounds
  • Using bone meal in the ocean only creates underwater plants
Underworld sounds added to the game
There are only three main points:
Minecraft PE [Full]
Bug fixes
Fixed 74 bugs. We have highlighted the most interesting in the list:
  • The Ink Sack obtained from the Traveling Trader can now be crafted
  • Fixed crashes from the game
  • Fixed working with .mcstructure files
  • Now the player does not receive fall damage when opening Shulker's Crates
  • Same seeds generate the same chest content
  • Mobs can attack high or low enemies again
  • Fixed a bug that caused Parrots to fly up endlessly
  • Fixed the animation of the Ender Dragon
  • Foxes are picking sweet berries again
  • Fixed TNT working in water
  • Improved the function of reading text from the screen
  • Improved the smoothness of the menu transition animation
  • Updated loading screen tips
  • Golden Apples have colored text in the Quick Select Toolbar
  • Updated the Achievements screen
An itinerant merchant sells a fake ink bag
Console commands
Made 12 changes. The main ones on the list:
  • Fixed the work of the teleportation team
  • Improved the /tickingarea add and /tickingarea remove commands
  • Added a stop for the /screenshake command
  • In the table of the game events scoring system, the points are aligned to the right.
  • Modified the /setblock command
  • Improved the /clone command
The developers have made changes to the console commands
Technical changes
Made 26 changes. Most of them are related to the development of mods, more details in the official changelog. Also, the developers have updated templates for addons:
Changes to the add-ons and textures system
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