Minecraft PE [Beta]

19 Mar 2021

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The developers have released a test version of Minecraft for Android. In this update, caves and generation have changed a lot.

Generating the world
The world was expanded 64 blocks up and 64 blocks down. The total height of the world is now 384 blocks. Underground structures are generated up to a height of minus 64.
Minecraft PE [Beta]
Lush caves
The biome of the Lush Caves has not yet been generated, the developers have only added blocks:
  • Sporeflower
  • Moss Block and Mossy Cover
    • Using bone meal will grow vegetation on the Moss Block
    • Mossy carpet looks like regular wool carpets
    • Mossy carpet can be crafted
    • If you need to break moss blocks, use the Hoe
  • Azalea and Blooming Azalea
    • Just a beautiful flower
    • Can be used in ovens as fuel
  • Cave vines
  • Glowing berries
  • Azalea foliage (regular and flowering)
  • Root ground
  • Hanging roots
  • Young hardwood
  • Large hardleaf
Some blocks are detailed below.
Vines and berries
Added Cave Vines and Glowing Berries. We will write about them in more detail. Glow Berries grow on Cave Vines, or Cave Vines. Feature list:
  • Cave vines grow from top to bottom
  • Lianas can be used to grow Glowing Berries
  • Berries can be harvested without breaking the creeper block
  • You can get berries using bone meal
  • Lianas with glowing berries glows
  • You can climb the vines
  • Plant berries on the bottom edge of any solid block to grow vines
  • With the help of berries, foxes can be propagated and lured
  • Berries can be eaten
Added Young and Big Hardwood. This is the most unusual plant in the history of Minecraft:
  • Big Hardleaf can be stepped on
  • Keeps the player for only 1.5 seconds (30 ticks)
  • If you apply bone meal on Young Hardwood, Big
  • Each additional use of bone meal will increase Large Hardleaf
Copper and Lightning Rod Changes
Fixed 50 bugs, among them 22 changes related to copper and lightning rod. We have highlighted the most interesting:
  • Fixed textures of copper ore
  • Copper ingots can no longer be crafted from waxed copper blocks
  • Waxed Copper Blocks can now be cut in the Stone Cutter
  • One copper block now produces two slabs in Stonecutter
  • Copper wax can now be removed using the oven
  • The ax can now scrape off patina from copper blocks
  • If lightning strikes the lightning rod, nearby copper blocks will lose oxidation
  • Lightning rods can now be blocked with water
  • The lightning rod emits particles during a thunderstorm
  • Fixed a bug due to which it was impossible to break blocks with a lightning rod in hand
  • Added particles for the copper block during:
    • Player waxing
    • Waxing distributor
    • Removing wax
    • Removing patina
    • Lightning strike
Don't forget the "Caves and Cliffs". Activate "Caves and Cliffs" in the map settings.

This is a test version. Back up your worlds.
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