Minecraft PE [Beta]

01 Apr 2021

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The developers have released a test version of Minecraft for Android. The update added Axolotl and Abyssal Slate. Details below.

New underwater mob that will spawn in water underground. Temporarily does not spawn naturally. Has a lot of cool features:
  • Loves tropical fish buckets
  • Cannot be tamed, but can be propagated by feeding fish
  • Will follow the player if he has a bucket of fish in his hands
  • Can walk on land, but only for a few minutes, otherwise dies
  • Attacks fish, octopuses, drowned men and guards
  • Comes in different colors, all spawn with the same chances
  • Exception: blue, rarely spawns when breeding
  • Knows how to pretend to be dead
  • Restores health when pretending
  • If a player kills a mob that was attacked by the Axolotl, Fatigue is removed from it and the effect of Regeneration is applied
  • Axolotl can be caught in a bucket
Description and features of Axolotl
All Axolotl color options
Deep slate
A new block that has 28 variants and spawns below Y = 16 blocks. It is an alternative to stone.

  • Deep slate
  • Shredded shale
  • Crushed shale slab
  • Crushed Shale Ladder
  • Crushed slate wall
  • Polished slate
  • Polished slate slab
  • Polished slate staircase
  • Polished slate wall
  • Deep Slate Tile
  • Slate slab
  • Slate staircase
  • Tiled slate wall
  • Deep Slate Brick
  • Brick slate slab
  • Brick Slate Staircase
  • Slate wall
  • Deep Shale Lapis Lazuli Ore
  • Abyssal Shale Iron Ore
  • Abyssal Shale Gold Ore
  • Deep Shale Redstone Ore
  • Abyssal Shale Diamond Ore
  • Deep Shale Coal Ore
  • Abyssal Shale Emerald Ore
  • Abyssal Shale Copper Ore
  • Cracked Abyssal Slate Tile
  • Cracked Deep Slate Bricks
  • Chiseled Deep Slate
Description and all variants of deep shale
Bug fixes
We fixed 22 bugs and made about 10 changes for the GameTest Framework.
Fixed bugs and errors
Don't forget the "Caves and Cliffs". Activate "Caves and Cliffs" in the map settings.

This is a test version. Back up your worlds.
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