Minecraft PE [Full]

07 Apr 2021

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The developers have released the full version of Minecraft for Android. Added the use of dyes on the plates and fixed 64 errors.

Colored text
The text on the plate can be colored with dyes. A small innovation for lovers of bright colors.
The color on the plates can now be dyed with dyes
Bug fixes
Fixed 37 bugs. As usual, we have highlighted the main:
  • Fixed crashes from the game
  • Fixed a crash when trying to rename a map on an anvil
  • Fixed a crash when entering the Nether portal
  • Fixed the appearance of fog in the Nether
  • Players with Visitor rights lose inventory on death
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Drowned to hold the trident backwards while attacking
  • Fixed swinging of the Drowned Man's arms when throwing a trident
  • Mobs now hold a shield in their left hand
  • Enabled the Find Friends button on Xbox
  • Fixed an issue that caused all players to look like Steve
Fixed a bug due to which all players were displayed with Steve's skin
Technical errors
Made 27 changes. They are mainly related to the creation of addons. Among them there are 11 changes for the GameTest Framework. Also, the developers have updated templates for addons:
Made technical changes
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Ben Gerace 23 October 2021 19:55
This does not work for anything but X-box
Visitor 20 April 2021 23:50
Thank you very much for the application. We will play with my darling, but my darling uses iphone. Is there a solution for him?
Mustkim 8 April 2021 05:01
Bahi pilic kuc porob lam