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22 Apr 2021

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The developers have released the first beta for Minecraft 1.17. Minecraft update added Amethysts and Geodes, tinted glass, spyglass, raw ore, raw ore blocks, tuf and many other changes.

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Amethyst Geodes
This structure is generated underground, usually below Y = 70. Amethysts and Calcites can be found here. Has three layers:
  • Smooth basalt outer layer
  • Calcite middle layer
  • Inner hollow layer of blooming amethyst, amethyst blocks and buds
Description of blocks:
  • Smooth basalt is a decorative block. Also mined by roasting common Basalt.
  • Calcite is a decorative block.
  • Blooming Amethyst is a block on which amethyst grows.
  • Amethyst Block is a decorative block, crafted from 4 Amethyst shards.
All types of Amethyst Blocks have pleasant sounds when interacting.
Description and illustration of amethyst geodes
Grows on either side of a blooming amethyst. They have 4 stages of growth:
  • Amethyst bud - first three stages.
  • The amethyst cluster is the fourth and final stage.
Amethyst Cluster drops 4 Amethyst Shards. You need an iron pickaxe or better for mining.
Enchant your Luck Pickaxe and get more shards.
Description and growth stages of amethysts
Growth stages of amethysts
Tinted glass
It is glass that does not allow light to pass through. Mobs cannot see the player through him. For crafting you need:
  • 1 glass block
  • 4 shards of amethyst
Can be obtained without a Silk Touch pickaxe, unlike regular glass.
Description and craft of tinted glass
Provides the ability to look at separated objects. For crafting you need:
  • 2 copper ingots
  • 1 Amethyst Shard
Spyglass illustration and crafting
Raw ore
Now, if you break a block of ore, raw ore will drop. It can be smelted into ingots. List of new ores:
  • Raw copper
  • Raw iron
  • Raw gold
Old ores will not disappear, they can also be smelted.
The mining of these ores is now affected by the Luck enchant.
Description and types of raw ore
Raw Ore Blocks
It is a compact way to store raw ore. Crafted from 9 units of raw ore.
Description and three types of raw ore blocks
So far, this is a decorative block. Generated below Y = 16, can only be obtained with a pickaxe
Decorative block tuff, generation area
Experimental mode
These changes are now available without the Caves and Cliffs slider in the map settings:
  • Loose snow
  • Glowing lichen
Experimental gameplay without a slider
Made 72 changes. The list is long, so we have highlighted the main one.
  • Axolotls
    • If you catch it in a bucket, the achievement “ I am a marine biologist "not unlocked
    • Increased spawn chance
    • Axolotls no longer apply regeneration after killing themselves
    • Player gains experience when Axolotls are spawned < / ul>
  • Cobwebs no longer hang in the air in mines
  • Copper surface loses oxidation when struck by lightning in a more random way
  • Fixed horizontal lightning rods working li >
  • Copper blocks lose oxidation from a lightning strike even without a lightning rod
  • Landing on a drip no longer deals fall damage if fall damage is turned off in the game rules
  • Luminous object frame fires a redstone signal when turning
  • Corrected the position of the lightning rod in hand
  • Lush caves
  • Added generation of lush caves
  • Now azalea and blooming leaves azaleas can be broken and get a drop
  • Added voice acting for the use of bone meal
  • Added sounds of damage when burning, freezing and drowning
  • And also 7 technical changes
Fixed axolotl spawning
Don't forget the Caves and Rocks. Activate "Caves and Cliffs" in the map settings.

This is a test version. Back up the worlds.
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