Minecraft PE [Beta]

10 May 2021

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The developers have released a new beta version of Minecraft for Android. We made 36 changes to the Caves and Rocks update: updated ore textures, changed loose snow, more details below.

Loose snow
Made 6 changes and added interesting features. List of changes:
  • Dispensers can install a block of loose snow using a bucket of loose snow
  • If the Skeleton stands in Loose Snow for 45 seconds, it turns into Zimogor
  • Fixed finding the path of mobs in Loose snow
  • Loose Snow no longer supports Scaffolding
  • Loose snow mining time now coincides with Java Edition
  • Players can no longer jump on the surface of Loose Snow and not drown
Added new features for loose snow
Caves and Cliffs
Made 7 changes. The system of mountains and caves changes further. List of changes:
  • Infected deep shale can be found in the mountains
  • Copper block can be crafted from 9 copper ingots
  • Copper block can now be recycled into 9 copper ingots
  • Common and deep shale copper ores now drop 2-3 raw copper
  • Updated textures for raw copper, iron and gold
  • Updated raw copper, iron and gold block textures
  • Updated textures of the compass and clock
Updated mountains and added raw ore traits
In addition to the above, the developers have made 23 more changes to the Minecraft Cave Update. List of major changes:
  • Strongholds will be better hidden in large caves
  • The axolotl is bigger not moving, pretending to be dead
  • Axolotls no longer pretend to be dead on land
  • Fixed Azalea foliage harvesting when using Silk Touch
  • Sporeflower no longer survives in water li >
  • Normal and Glowing Octopus make sounds when ink is fired
  • Spyglass fixed
  • Piglins now love Raw Gold and Raw Gold Block
  • Falling Blocks now break when landing on Shulker
  • Fixed the /kick command
Other changes for the cave update
Technical changes
Made changes for addon developers, as well as changes related to GameTest Framework.
Made technical changes
32bit support
There is no support for 32-bit processors in this version. Now there is only support for x64 and x86.

Simply put: some phones have stopped supporting the game.
Updated: we have fixed the situation! Files work for everyone.
Developers removed support for x32 processors
Don't forget the Caves and Rocks. Activate "Caves and Cliffs" in the map settings.

This is a test version. Back up the worlds.
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