Better Skyblock Map

15 Apr 2020

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All Skyblock Maps have become the same: everything starts with a chest of things, after which survival becomes easier and easier. The Better Skyblock map offers one of the most difficult skyblock options: survival will be incredibly difficult, as resources will be really scarce. The assembly uses a special device that allows you to get any item or block for a fee in Minecraft.

Creation is suitable for multiplayer, so feel free to invite friends and survive together: the truth is, resources are designed for one, so try to allocate everything correctly.

Each player will begin survival with 1 sapling, 4 signs, 2 cooked beef.

Please note that signs can be turned into bone meal.

The creation contains more than 25 types of quests with a variety of rewards. Try it all!

There are x20 Quests and x5 Bonus Quests which you can complete during your adventure in return with amazing rewards!
Bonus Quests

There are several training rooms for you to better understand how the crates/machines work!
training rooms

training rooms

training rooms

Showcase Video:

Download better skyblock (.mcworld)

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