Map: SCP Site 19 2004

28 Mar 2021

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Everyone knows about the popular SCP franchise, which never stops updating and releasing more and more monsters and new zones around the world. The SCP Site 19 2004 map represents a fully-fledged military base in the world of Minecraft PE, where some of the most dangerous SCPs are stored. The developer tried to convey the atmosphere of horror as much as possible, and also built in detail almost all the rooms that exist in the original.

The assembly is suitable for multiplayer games. The author has added many redstone structures that ensure the stable operation of each element of the structure: a working gate, a system for locking the workplace, as well as a unique self-destruction system.

Be sure to use one of the add-ons for the SCP universe for the map to work as you need it. Add monsters to cells, invite friends and start role-playing game.

A complete look at SCP 19
Driveway through the base gate
Three watchtowers near a highly classified facility in SCP 19
Prisoner's room with three beds and a library shelf
Transition over the dining room to control the prisoners
Guard post with security guard
Lookout areas for guards at SCP 19
Kitchen stove in the empty room of the SCP base
Several square windows overlooking some strange room
Spacious room with one bed in SCP 19
High iron railing in the hallway
Three elevated passages to the tower
Huge empty room based on SCP 19
Specially protected room in SCP 19 with a bedside table and a pair of lamps
SCP-based warehouse
A room with a transition from a door to a wide corridor
Huge room with yellow and white boxes based on SCP 19
Huge passageway completely enclosed by an iron grate in SCP 19
Two doors leading to the human experimentation room in SCP 19
A two-story room inside the SCP base with huge glass windows
Resting area for prisoners in SCP 19 with benches installed in it
High room with observation decks at the edges of the room in SCP 19
Two beautifully designed entrances to various rooms based on SCP 19
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