CHAIRS Plus SCARY Salesmen! Add-on

15 Apr 2020

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With the CHAIRS Plus SCARY Salesmen mod in Minecraft Pocket Edition, chairs, a creepy seller and, of course, toilets will appear. Three items that will make the game much richer and better.

Favorite blocky world is extremely strange - here you can run, jump, get a bunch of objects and even kill creepers with the help of skeletons. But at the same time, the opportunity to sit is not available. You can’t sit throughout survival. Therefore, the player falls asleep so quickly after going to bed.

The add-on can fix this feature and not only in creative mode.

How to get chairs in survival mode?

  • The first way will be the classic killing of the seller with chairs, if, of course, you have the courage to do such a cruel act. It is possible that you will begin to hear the terrible voices of a laughing man, but then you will understand that the voices are yours. So much you can go crazy with such a sin. With due luck, chairs will fall out of the mob.
  • Buy chairs from the seller. For only four emeralds per piece of furniture. Extremely favorable price. For the seller.
  • Use cheats, because, if speak a secret, sellers indulge in such things themselves. They impose high prices on chairs and get a profit.

Chairs in survival mode.
Chairs in survival mode

Chairs in creative mode.
Chairs in creative mode

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