Galacticraft Addon

02 May 2020

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Love to travel? Then it's time to go to distant lands - to the moon! Galacticraft mod includes a special ship Minecraft PE able to send players into space and bring the moon for a few seconds. Earth satellite provides useful materials that the player was able to build himself an Sword of Dark Matter, which has enormous power.

In the future there will be even more planets, new weapons and vehicles.

Rocket Ship Craft

First, craft the prescription block below, then install it and immediately break it. Then we enter the spaceship to go to the moon. Please note that the game will start to slow down while the moon is being generated, so be patient.
Rocket Ship Craft

Sword of Dark Matter

Sword inflicts 25 points of damage and crafting of materials that can be extracted on the moon.
Sword of Dark Matter


You need to include the Experimental Gameplay in the game settings.
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