Astral Lucky Blocks Addon

01 Sep 2020

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Along with the Astral Lucky Blocks Mod, players will receive regular Lucky Blocks and many new features in Minecraft. The author counted more than 300 items that each player will receive. The build includes mobs, structures, items, and, of course, the Lucky Blocks themselves. The addon will work in survival mode, and players will craft Lucky Blocks.

Crafting recipes
Craft Lucky Blocks 1

Craft Lucky Blocks 2

In addition to Lucky Blocks, players will visit the Skelatron starship with a bunch of enemies and a boss, a habitable cloud with a resident inside, a mushroom house, a tiny portal, a fountain of desires, and much more.
Skelatron starship

habitable cloud

mushroom house

tiny portal

fountain of desires

After destroying the Lucky Block, you can meet a large number of strange mobs:
for example, a astral hero will protect the user from enemies, the defender of the universe will also be on the player's side, and a astral bean or magician will try to kill you. It all depends on your luck, so hurry up to find friends or find furious monsters.
astral hero

defender of the universe

astral bean and magician


bees, chickens, rabbits

New items will appear as an astral sword, an ax, a crystal sword, a star cookie, and a lucky apple in addition to creatures and structures.
Other items

Lucky Blocks

You must enable Experimental gameplay in the map settings
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