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15 Nov 2020

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Using swords and crossbows to fight monsters is the Middle Ages that needs to be eradicated. This is exactly what the author of the ActualGuns 3D mod thought and developed unique types of weapons for use in Minecraft PE. Each item has received a detailed model and volumetric look. Such cool items will certainly improve the gameplay and present new opportunities for every player.

The creator claims that the build is best suited for Windows 10 or powerful smartphones.

The supplement contains 6 types of weapons, ranging from pistols to sniper rifles. Added reloading and firing animations for both first and third person views. Unfortunately, the addon can only be used for single player games or adventures: only the owner of the world can shoot in multiplayer. This bug cannot be fixed.

Perhaps new types of weapons will appear in the future.
AWP (Arctic Warfare Police) – Sniper
Barrett M82A1 – Sniper
Barrett M82A1
Benelli M3 – Shotgun
Benelli M3
FN P90 – SMG
FN P90
Taurus PT92 – Pistol
Taurus PT92
Chain Grenade – Throwable
Chain Grenade
M4A1 – AR
M249 – LMG
Changes in the new version
  • Added new weapons
  • Reduced textures to speed up gameplay
  • Render controllers changed
  • Added weapon animations
  • Reworked bullet models and textures
  • Fixed rate of fire for P90 and Taurus bullets
  • Added walking/running animations for all weapons
  • Added a way to enable / disable recoil: enable /function recoil/enable and disable /function recoil/disable
  • Fixed bullet power/range for all guns
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