16 Nov 2020

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If you want to complement the outside world of your game with new things, then the Furnicraft mod for Minecraft is good for you. This add-on will add over 60 items and one vehicle to the game. Use furniture to decorate your home, because the mod will add a lot of useful things to you: things for the kitchen, food, items for entertainment (for example, a piano and a billiard table). It's worth noting that many of the new things are blocks, not just replaceable objects.
How it works?

As mentioned earlier, most pieces of furniture are blocks. This means that you can arrange things the way you like, choosing the right direction and placement. By the way, some of the things have some functionality (for example, you can sit on chairs).

Items are added to the game, and do not replace existing ones. Therefore, the add-on works in Minecraft Pocket Edition version 1.11 and higher.
Funicraft Basic Furniture
Pool and gazebo
Living room
Entertainment room
Affordable furniture
  • TV
  • Table
  • Restroom
  • Different types of tables
  • 3D beds of different colors
  • Piano
  • Christmas tree
  • Bench
  • Umbrella (there are 16 different colors in total)
  • Armchairs (there are 16 different colors in total)
  • Park benches
  • Special trampoline for the pool
  • Christmas tree
  • Slide
  • Satanic ritual
  • A pool table
  • Football table
  • Plush car
  • A computer
  • Relaxation devices
  • Large chewing gum mechanism
  • Small chewing gum mechanism
  • Bath
  • Restroom
  • Fridge
  • Plate
  • Microwave
  • Watering can
  • Laundry
  • Trophies
  • Shelves and furniture
  • Furniture in 16 colors: Wardrobe, Chairs, Lamps, Umbrellas, Deckchairs, Gamer Chairs, Beds, Chairs, Small Tables, Players, Televisions, TV Furniture, Gifts and more.

How to craft?

There is one universal method for obtaining any Furnicraft furniture block. The first step is crafting a base for furniture, which is demonstrated in the screenshot below.
The basis for the furniture block
The next step is to use a workbench. The base for furniture, located in the workbench, will allow you to get any block from the addon. This is a versatile crafting method that was introduced in the last update.
Using a workbench
The second way to get furniture is inventory in creative mode, which also has everything you need.

In order to start a family, the player should go to the villages. NPCs will spawn in villages. Each player will be able to trade with the future wife until the child appears in the buy and sell slot. Below is a screenshot of how it will look.
Crafting a baby in a pink diaper
Crafting a baby in a blue diaper
To get the ring, the player needs to get a bunch of rose gold. The probability of generating ore is medium. If the player goes to the caves under the villages, then the probability of getting pink ore will increase significantly. Below is a screenshot of crafting rose gold.
Crafting rings minecraft
As soon as you receive the baby, you must put him on the bed. If the player gives the child a diamond, the child will grow up. This will take about five minutes. After the baby comes out of the cradle, it will eat cakes, sugars, apples or golden apples. Below is a small family.
Happy family with two newborn children
Entertain your child with rose gold items, the craft of which is presented below.
Recipe for crafting rose gold items to entertain kids
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