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19 Nov 2020

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The Hats mod is aimed at those who like to decorate their character with a variety of skins. Together with this assembly, you can pick up various hats in Minecraft. All new items can be crafted and worn in survival mode, so we'll rather install the add-on and try on unusual looks.

To get other options for hats, you need to take a leather helmet and put it in a stone cutter.
Changing the headdress
Hats can be placed on the character's head or on any armor rack.
Many hats
Headwear on racks
Headwear stands
Player next to armor stands
Crown player
List of hats
  • Creeper hat
  • Santa hat
  • Guardian Hat
  • Headphones
  • Gift hat
  • Beautiful glasses
  • TV set
  • Heavenly hat
  • Crown
  • Among Us hats (12 types)
  • Cap by Mario and Luigi
  • Black hat
  • Axolotl-shaped hats (6 types)
  • Sheriff's hat
  • Pink cap
  • Squid hat
  • Silver Crown
  • Blue Santa Hat
  • Red ribbon
  • Pink ribbon
  • Sky hat
  • Shadow Sky Hat
  • Spectro sky hat
Six types of hats

You must enable Experimental gameplay in the map settings
Download Hats mod (.mcpack)

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Download textures for mod Hats (.mcpack)

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