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22 Nov 2020

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If you are always missing the desired blocks for building a house, furnishing a yard or interior design, then try the Modern Blocks mod, which will allow you to get many new blocks for Minecraft PE. With the help of new, decorative elements, you will be able to equip your structures as you see fit. The add-on will allow you to design not only houses and mansions, but also offices, shops and other non-residential buildings.

Where can I find recipes?
All add-on recipes are present in the game: open your inventory and click on the bookshelf icon.

3D blocks
The author also added custom blocks thanks to the new update: tables, chairs, various types of lighting, and more. To get it, write the command /function get_3d_blocks.
Beautiful dining room and added 3D blocks in the form of chairs, tables and other interior items
Used to arrange floors in the house. More than 260 kinds of tiles: each block type has 16 colors and 5 patterns. Learn more about them in the game itself.

An example of home decoration
An example of the design of a modern kitchen set in the house
An example of a workplace in your home
Pool cladding example
Pool cladding examples
Popular material, without which we cannot imagine life. But in nature, plastic does not exist: it must be made by ourselves. To do this, you need to extract oil.

Since oil is a chemical element, players will have to activate the educational mode to get it. Oil is only available in creative mode, so I added a crafting recipe for survival mode.
Plastic blocks

The assembly includes even more options for all elements, from shelves to cabinets.
Various types and colors of cabinets, bedside tables, shelves
4 designs and 16 shades to choose from.
Four types of wallpaper design in your home
New road blocks
Road blocks

You must enable Experimental gameplay in the map settings

Changes in the new version
  • Added 3D blocks:
    • Microwave
    • Plate
    • Traffic cone
    • Door bell
    • Water dispenser
    • Water tank
    • Countertops
  • Added some common blocks
  • More features added
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