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22 nov 2020


Characters from the game of the same name will appear in Minecraft with the Among Us mod. Most likely, you have not heard about it yet, but we strongly recommend that you learn more about it and give it a try. If you like multiplayer with friends or adventures, then you will definitely like the game. Now you can turn the heroes from this game into a blocky universe.

Remember that all the new mobs are crew members, but one of them is an impostor. Your task is to find him and kill him. If the impostor dies, he will crawl out of his shell.

  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Red
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • The black
  • White
  • Dark green
  • Orange
  • Purple
  • Blue green
  • Brown

Crew members can be tamed using bones. They will guard the player, follow him, and the player can order them to sit.
Crew members on ice
The impostors are aggressive and will be ready to kill the player or crew members.
Multi-colored crew members
Two crew members
The impostor killed a crew member
You can try on the skin of one of the crew members.
  • Skins are installed in the head slot
  • Small crew member and head mounted in chest slot
  • Costumes are placed in the leggings slot
Character skins
Player with an unusual skin
Skins can be obtained in survival mode.
Skin crafting
You can change the color of the skin.
Skin color change
To obtain a headdress, you need to use an iron ingot and a stone cutter, and for a suit, a gold one.
Making a headdress
Clothes crafting
New pets from the classic game. There are five types available so far:
  • Henry Stickman
  • Ellie
  • Blue dog
  • Wall-e
  • Brainslag
  • Crab
Crew members' pets
Cartoon skins
The author introduced new textures for the crew members that resemble the original game. To install this type, you need to download the third add-on file.
Cartoon skins
Red crew member in the air
Crew mobs
All mobs will look like a mixture of crew members and familiar creatures.
Little creeper and zombie
Little ifrit
Little monster
Small mobs
Night monsters
Piglins will behave just like normal ones.
Small piglins
Zombie Piglin Crew Member

You must enable Experimental gameplay in the map settings
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Download textures for the Among Us mod (cartoon style) (.mcpack)

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