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27 Nov 2020

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The Project Walker mod aims to completely change survival in Minecraft. Apocalypse has occurred in the world, so the character's life will take place in the atmosphere of post-apocalypse. In this mode, resources are as limited as possible: you have to find things where there are none at all. The threat is not only the virus contained in the zombies, but also other players who are ready to steal from you. Therefore, beware of everything and everyone - your survival depends only on you.

A new strip of thirst will appear in the game, which decreases every minute. If it reaches zero, then the hero will gain weakness. Therefore, you need to constantly replenish the strip. For this, the items below are used.
New thirst bar added by mod
Drinks to quench a player's thirst
Models and armor
Not all of the equipment featured are armor, but you'll love it.
Four types of clothing and equipment for the player
Ranged weapon
It would seem that there is nothing better than a ranged weapon, but there is a problem - a high noise level. It is he who will attract all the infected in the district, so use the items wisely.
Many types of modern ranged weapons
Player with weapons
Player with a gun
Player on the shore
Broken legs and morphine
Now you will not be able to jump from hills and get off with little damage: broken legs will cause inconvenience. In these cases, morphine will help, which will relieve pain. The player breaks his legs with a 50% chance.
Ampoule with morphine
Zombies and Infected
Zombies used to be ordinary people, but after death they acquired a different mind and strength to kill people. They are not very smart, but they will cause problems when meeting. There are 20 types of zombies and infected with different indicators of health (up to 30 units), speed, damage (up to 12 units). The chance of a player being infected is 50%.
Zombies and Infected
Viruses and treatment
If you are hit by a zombie, there is always a chance of infection. To heal, the player must either die or take an antidote.
Ampoule with an antidote for the virus
In the post-apocalyptic world, there are no normal foods - only dry rations and canned food.
Types of dry rations and canned food, which are the only types of food available
Melee weapon
You can use these items to crush the skulls of a couple of zombies. Nobody will know about it. Some are stronger and some are stronger.
Presented melee weapons such as bits, knives, screwdrivers, pry bars and others
Sometimes you can find these boxes that contain useful items. The green box contains weapons and ammo, the yellow box contains food and melee weapons, and the white box contains medications.
Green, yellow and white crate with very useful loot for the mod
Survivors will not touch the user, and bandits will be aggressive. They appear quite rarely.
Three bandits who appeared near the river
These constructs contain useful items.
Mod generated building
A structure that can hold useful items
Two small structures created by the mod

Be aware that weapons may not work properly in multiplayer.
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