Mod: Dynamic Lighting

08 Dec 2020

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Experienced Minecraft players who have tried the Java version know about the Optifine add-on to improve lighting in the game. Build brings smooth and soft light enhancing graphics. The Dynamic Lighting mod works in a similar way, but in a pocket edition.

In addition, players will be able to carry lighting devices in their hand and illuminate the space around them. You no longer have to place torches or blocks - just pick them up.
A player with a torch in hand illuminates the cave around him
For example, below is a player with a torch that illuminates the area by just holding an object.
The player holds a torch in his hand, creating good lighting in Minecraft
Works with lamps and other blocks.
Illumination units with improved illumination
There are some bugs, so please be understanding.

Miner's helmet
To wear a helmet, pick it up and start eating.
Miner's helmet on player
Miner's helmet crafting recipe
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