Mod: Furnilla

14 dec 2020


As a rule, new furniture for a favorite game Minecraft often does not match the rest of the interior. This is due to the fact that new items use textures that are not available in the block world. The creator of the Furnilla mod noticed this feature, so he developed his own addition, in which the furniture received the familiar textures. The assembly contains panels, lamps, tables, chairs and many other fittings.

Each item will organically fit into any interior of the house, which is already built in a cubic universe. Use these elements to create the design you want.
Library room for those who like to read in comfort
Room on the terrace with panoramic windows and the ability to play Xbox
Entrance hall with red sofas and slot machines
Clamshell sofa in the Xbox room
Restroom with a neat toilet
Download Furnilla mod (.mcpack)

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Download textures for Furnilla mod (.mcpack)

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OS: Android

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