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15 Dec 2020

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The Quarry mod introduces an extremely unusual block that is capable of destroying a huge site to its very foundations in a matter of moments. If you place a block on the ground and turn it on, then all blocks within a certain radius will be mined to the lowest level. Neither diamonds, nor obsidian, nor other blocks of the Minecraft game are able to stop this hellish machine.

How to install the unit?
First, we put the block on the ground and destroy it, after which a stone platform will appear, which defines the boundaries of the future pit. Funnels will be automatically added to collect dropped items. On the red block on the left, you need to put fuel in the form of a block of coal to start the process.
Apparatus for creating a huge pit
Once launched, all blocks within range will be destroyed level by level. The mechanism will stop only at the very end - on the bedrock.
The mechanism destroyed all blocks underneath, down to the bedrock, creating a huge pit
A ladder will be installed on the side, which means that the player can easily go down to the very bottom.

If you want to stop the infernal machine earlier than expected, then destroy the redstone block next to the hole. If you just want to pause the digging and then continue, then remove the coal block.
Stopping the operation of the mechanism for digging a hole
There are four blocks of different digging radius available.
Four blocks deploying a mechanism that creates pits of different sizes
Possible options and sizes of digging a hole using different blocks
Recipe for crafting a block for creating a large quarry
Recipe for crafting a block for a medium-sized quarry
Recipe for crafting a block for creating a small quarry
Recipe for crafting a block to create a quarry with explosive power
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