Mod: Skins 4D and Objects 4D

16 Dec 2020

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The Skins 4D and Objects 4D mod adds the ability to include 4D items and skins in Minecraft Bedrock gameplay. Everything will be carried out using ordinary commands, which means that the player will not have to break in anything - just copy the commands. The developer plans to update the add-on to include even more skins and items.

The first skin that the author added was a military uniform skin. To get such an item of clothing, you need to register the command /replaceitem entity @s slot.armor.head 0 item:militar.
Military uniform
Then comes a fun mask with an unusual emoticon. A funny skin will amuse your friends and add positive emotions. To get such an item, enter the command /replaceitem entity @s slot.armor.head 0 item:backpack.
Smiley mask
A cool skeleton skin that is dressed in strange clothes. To get such a skin, you need to register /replaceitem entity @s slot.armor.head 0 item: esqueletohuida and /effect @s invisibility 99999.
Strange Skeleton Skin
Glasses are a must for every tough guy. It is impossible to pass by this accessory. Command - /replaceitem entity @s slot.armor.head 0 item:glasses.
Rock and Roll Skin
Christmas is coming, so let's start with the hat - /replaceitem entity @s slot.armor.head 0 item:gnavidad.
Santa claus skin
For those who love dogs, foxes and wolves, we present the pink animal mask. To get such an item, use the commands /replaceitem entity @s slot.armor.head 0 item: test and /effect @s invisibility 99999.
Pink fox mask
For construction lovers - a builder skin who is ready to build houses from bricks. Command - /replaceitem entity @s slot.armor.head 0 item:constructor.
Bricklayer Skin
Who doesn't love guitars? Whether you know how to play or not, this item will hang on the back of your character after entering the command /replaceitem entity @s slot.armor.head 0 item:guitarra.
Guitar on the back
Another skin that was added by another author to the assembly. Command: /replaceitem entity @s slot.armor.head 0 item: andiuber and /effect @s invisibility 99999.
Funny blue skin
Finally, there was a backpack that will decorate the back of the hero in the game. Command - /replaceitem entity @s slot.armor.head 0 item:backpack2.
If you want more cool changes, download the Minecraft Bedrock build with free items in the skin editor. Unique assemblies are created by our developers.
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