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25 Dec 2020

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Now, to move around the world of Minecraft Bedrock, you do not have to run and fuss: just sit in a comfortable vehicle and slowly get where you want. The Transport mod adds several types of transport: a bulldozer, a bicycle, a motorcycle, and even a cart with a horse. The presented choice is enough to create a city, village and even a small farm.
To obtain spawn eggs, you will need crafting, the recipes for which are presented below. You need to create a spawn item, install it and break it for the vehicle to appear.
Recipes for crafting a bulldozer, a bicycle, a horse with a cart, and a motocross motorcycle
An expensive, slow, but very powerful mechanism that can break anything, including bedrock. Several shades are available. Be careful - when the bulldozer is destroyed, the spawn egg does not drop, so you will have to create a new one.
Steve drives a bulldozer
Ideal for off-road driving: for example, hiking with friends. Even the villagers are afraid of the sound of this vehicle. Inventory for storing things is available in the motorcycle. When destroyed, the spawn egg does not drop.
Boring, slow and too cheap. Many colors available. When destroyed, a spawn egg will appear. Anything is better than walking.
Horse cart
An ancient method of transportation that is probably still used in your village. Unfortunately, the spawn egg cannot be dropped. You can ride with a friend, and inventory is also available.
Horse cart
Calm transport that moves very slowly, which means you can enjoy the beauty of nature from the highest. Use wool or thread for repairs. When destroyed, no spawn eggs are left. Look up to fly up and vice versa
Flying brooms
An extremely expensive item. When destroyed, a spawn egg drops. Try to collect the required amount of netherite. Works the same way as a balloon.
Flying brooms
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