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09 Jan 2021

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The Bedrock inSanity mod completely changes the perception of Minecraft PE. New products, weapons, mobs and a bunch of new features that will appear after installing the add-on.

  • Horny Goat Helmet (Dynamic Light)
  • New food: Bang Mi (with salmon) and Bang Mi (with cod)
  • New storage system: now you can store up to 36 thousand blocks in one slot, thanks to compressed blocks
  • More recipes
  • Use the command /give @s bs: (name) or dc: (name) to get items
  • Now if you hit an object with a pipe, it will play a sound
  • Most of the items sorted and updated
  • Mobs can be ridden together
  • Poseidon's trident lets you breathe underwater
  • Added Russian translation

New interface
Applying a new kind of interface
All kinds of food supplements
All types of armor add-ons
Two players on one horse
All kinds of new items and weapons
A player on a horse next to another user
The description below may not match what is in the add-on, as the author has not added descriptions, removed or not. When updating the add-on, we decided to keep this part of the text so that players can learn more about the build. Below is a file with all the crafting recipes.

New block textures
Ore blocks have received updated textures with frames - now it is much easier to recognize a particular ore block.
New types of ore blocks
And on the contrary, the frames were removed for the glasses to make the blocks look cleaner and more realistic. The standard view of the glass becomes almost invisible.
New types of blocks
Players will now be able to navigate through the half blocks using the sneak button. While the function works with minor errors: when passing through a half-block, the player will begin to see through the blocks.
Character skin with glasses
New types of food
  • Shrimp - obtained by fishing. When eaten, add 0.5 units of satiety
  • Cooked Shrimp - This requires raw shrimp to be cooked over a fire, oven, or smokehouse. Adds 1 point of satiety when eaten
  • Piece of Bread - Crafted from Bread. Restores 1 unit of hunger
  • Toast is a toasted version of a slice of bread. Restores 2 units of hunger
  • Omelet is a cooked egg that restores 1 unit of hunger
  • Egg Toast - Made with toast and omelet on a workbench. Restores 3 units of hunger
  • Sweet Toast - 2 hunger units and with a small chance haste for 20 seconds
  • Enchanted Potatoes - Potatoes and a bunch of diamonds. An incredibly useful product
  • A sandwich is bread and any animal meat. Fills half of the hunger bar
  • Bandages and Medicines - Bandages heal, and medicines give full health and immunity to everything for 20 seconds.

The developers also improved the storage system:
  • Diamond nuggets - work similarly to iron and gold
  • Box - Planks placed in a stone cutter turn into boxes
  • Medical Box - Send this to the stone cutter to get bandages and medicines
  • Compressed blocks
Blocks mod madness
New recipes
  • Carbon - a thread with 4 iron nuggets in the shape of a plus symbol
  • Chainmail - 3 carbon
  • Carbon tape - slime surrounded by carbon
  • Chainmail armor - crafting recipes are similar to other types of armor
  • Armor Nuggets - You can now smelt armor into nuggets
  • When melting lighters, you get gunpowder, and clay - brick
  • Restoration of armor when adding material

When you enter the command /give @s bs: (item name) or dc:(item name), you can get any item.

New mobs
  • Snow Creeper - will cover everything with snow upon explosion.
  • The Downworld Creeper is an unreal blast, but with a sustained charge. Mob is only found in Downworld
  • Toxic Creeper - Extremely powerful blast, with an even longer detonation time. The mob will rarely spawn in forests
  • The Clockwork Creeper is slightly more tenacious than a regular creeper. The mob is found in the biome of the mesa
  • Steampunk skeleton is a tenacious mob that has high damage and attacks the player in close combat. Found in the Mesa biome
  • Steampunk robot is a tenacious mob that has low damage and attacks the player in close combat. Found in the Mesa biome
  • Steampunk Mechanism is a tenacious mob that has very high damage and attacks the player in melee. Received 160 units of health. Found in the Mesa biome and considered a mini-boss
  • Skeleton Warrior - high damage and melee attack. The mob will spawn everywhere at night
  • Warrior Zimogor - Low damage and melee attack. The mob will spawn in cold biomes
  • Spooky skeleton

New weapon
Poseidon's Trident is crafted from a broken Poseidon's trident and the heart of the ocean. The weapon not only increases speed, but also adds 10 damage units. And the crafting of a broken trident is presented below. Yellow Shards are items that will appear when Ancient Guardians die.
Crafting a trident
Also in the game will appear:

Zimogor sword - 3 units of attack. Dropped from Zimogors.

Steel sword with leather hilt - looted from steampunk skeletons. The weapon increases damage by six units, but gives a slight slowdown.
Screenshots of mobs
Screenshots of mobs
Screenshots of mobs
New icons for hunger, life and more.
A new kind of hunger
Remelting the pipe
Main menu
New view of the main menu

You must enable Experimental gameplay in the map settings
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this works on bedrock edition and you dont have to move files