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12 Jan 2021

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Stop cutting down forests looking for wood and get into the traditional Chinese art of bonsai. This type of activity involves the growing of tiny trees that will not differ from the large originals. In doing so, gardeners use a flat root system to regulate plant growth. A similar function is added by the Easy Bonsai mod to Minecraft Bedrock.

With small trees, users can easily get a lot of material in a short time.
7 potted Bonsai villages
Blocks will now be used instead of potted plant entities. I have changed the textures to match the new features. Every 30 seconds, a potted tree emits particles and drops wood.
Bonsai tree that dropped 2 wood blocks and emitted a particle
If you use scissors on a tree, it will stop dropping items. This also emits particles.
Tree pruning
Particles will appear when using scissors.
Particles when pruning trees
Enriched bone dust
  • Accelerates the appearance of drops by 15 seconds
Enriched bone dust
Bonsai pot
Recipes for crafting various pots
Bonsai tree
Bonsai Trees Crafting Recipes
Bonsai tree (Nether)
Downworld Bonsai Trees Crafting Recipes
An older version is also available that uses entities and custom items. The file is available below. Crafting recipes are presented in the screenshot.
Crafting recipes
You must enable Experimental gameplay in the map settings
Download Easy Bonsai mod (.mcaddon)

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Download Easy Bonsai mod (old version) (.mcaddon)

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