Mod: Mob Armor

15 Jan 2021

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If you have always wanted to turn into a mob and use their abilities, then we offer the Mob Armor mod, which will allow each player to become a creeper and blow up everyone around. For this, special armor will be used, which completely changes the user's skin and turns into a specific mob. Unfortunately, the build is in beta, so you can only get armor using chat commands in Minecraft.

  • Transforms the hero into a creeper, granting the ability to detonate objects
Creeper in the field
Crafting creeper armor
Creeper on fire
  • Transforms the hero into a skeleton
Skeleton inventory
Skeleton armor crafting
Wither skeleton
  • Transforms Hero into a Fire Immune Skeleton Wither
Wither Skeleton Inventory
Wither Skeleton Armor Crafting
Obtain Black Bone or craft it yourself.
Black bone crafting
The bone can be turned white back.
White bone crafting
  • Transforms the hero into a zimogor with underwater breathing
Zimogor inventory
Zimogor armor crafting
Kill Zimogor to get a blue bone or use a workbench.
Blue bone craft
Other armor can be worn.
Armored skeleton
Zombie armor
  • Turns the hero into a zombie
Zombie armor
Zombie armor craft
Husk armor
  • Transforms the hero into a husk
  • Crafting is similar to crafting zombie armor with paper in the middle
Cadaver armor
Drowned Armor
  • Transforms the hero into a drowned man with underwater breathing
  • Crafting requires rotten meat that drops from a drowned man
Drowned Armor
Drowned man's armor craft
Chicken armor
Chicken armor
Chicken armor craft
Enderman armor
  • Transforms the hero into an enderman with the ability to teleport using a special item
Enderman armor
Enderman armor craft
Teleport item
Wither Armor
  • The character will gain the ability to fly and shoot skulls
Wither Armor
The player in the form of the wither
Wither player
Wither armor crafting
Slug armor
  • Upon death, a slug appears in the armor, which attacks players
Crafting slug armor
Slug armor
Shulker armor
  • Transforms the hero into a huge shell that saves from attacks, projectiles and other dangers
Shulker armor
Shulker armor application
Steve in the desert
  • Attacks when approaching
  • Drops Steve's head
Steve in the desert
Steve's armor
  • Increases health by half
Steve's armor
Steve's armor craft
Alex's armor
  • Increases health by half
Alex's armor craft
Alex's armor
Piglin's Armor
  • Adds two effects
Piglin's Armor
Piglin's armor craft
Zombie Piglin Armor
  • Adds more effects
Zombie Piglin Armor
Zombie piglin armor craft
Cruel piglin armor
  • Adds more effects
Cruel piglin armor
Cruel piglin craft armor
Don't forget to enable Experimental options in the map settings
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