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19 Jan 2021

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Each of us wants to make friends with dragons, but only the most daring and courageous Minecraft users can do this. Mod Dragon adds the ability to tame a couple of dragons and fly them across the vast blocky world. While there are only two types of dragons available, their number will invariably increase in future versions of the expansion.

Ferocious dragons
  • To get the spawn egg you need to kill the dragon wizard
  • And before you kill the dragon wizard, you need to deal with the entire brigade of minions
Black dragon in the snow biome
How to find the Dragon Wizard?
  • Step 1: find the dragon scout. You can find him wandering the plains biome during the day. He is neutral (to the player, not to chickens or butterflies)
  • Step 2: if you are ready to fight, then attack the scout. After defeating him, he will call on his comrades to help - these are the henchmen of the dragon magician. These hunters will attack you immediately and are not easy to defeat
  • Step 3: defeat the dragon wizard. He will drop a ferocious dragon summon egg.
  • Step 4: spawn the dragon and try to tame it with cod
Rogues on a wooden platform
Fast dragons
  • Much harder to find than ferocious
  • Spawn in the taiga and snowy mountains
  • Only appear at dusk or dawn
  • The black variant is not tame
  • Tameable by tropical fish
Fast dragons
To put a saddle or netherite armor on a dragon (dropped from a dragon armorer or crafted), you need to pick up an item and interact with the mob. To remove, you need to use a fire rod.

Netherite armor is crafted in a workbench with a recipe in the form of a 2x2 netherite square. You can also get armor from the dragon weapon.
If you put a saddle on a dragon, you can take off. Everything works like a horse, but with the ability to fly.
Flying dragon
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