Mod: Valhalla Guards

20 Jan 2021

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The Valhalla Guards mod adds six new mobs to Minecraft: archer, crossbowman, healer, knight, lord and mage. They are designed to protect villages, so they will naturally spawn in each village. Now you can more easily defend villages from raids, as new mobs will help you.

Three warriors
Villager in armor
Mage villager
Villagers spawn
Dweller's Iron Armor
Warrior with a trident
Travel mode
  • To change the mode of movement of a mob, interact with it using a certain item
  • First you need to tame the villager so that he begins to interact with you
  • Garrison: using the bell, you can order the mob to stay closer to the center of the village. Sometimes the villager will go to the outskirts and stay there. Such a mob can be easily defeated by numbers
  • Patrol: A bonfire will cause the mob to move around the outskirts of the village, but again, the villager will be vulnerable to attacks
  • Stand still: if you interact for hours, the mob will be immobile, but it will gain immunity to repulsion
  • Follow: a gold nugget tames mobs and makes them follow the player
  • Flag: also makes the villager follow the user

  • Warriors always attack robbers and monsters
  • Never attacks players, kinsfolk, creepers or iron golems
  • Archers, magicians and healers always run away from monsters and robbers

Transformation and spawn
  • Mobs spawn in villages and disappear if they are outside the radius of the village
  • Use the following items to turn a villager into a warrior:
    • Archer: arrow
    • Crossbowman (must be an archer): Crossbow
    • Lord: Downworlder
    • Defender: Wooden Sword
    • Trident Warrior (Must Be Protector): Trident
    • Mage: wand
    • Healer: Book
    • Villager: bed

Equipment and modes
  • Each warrior has a different outfit
  • When transformed, the mob receives a different equipment
  • To equip a mob, interact with it using items
  • Villagers can be equipped with armor
  • Doesn't work with enchantments or effects
  • Archer and Knight: any type of armor and material. Treatment does not work
  • Archer: Crossbow transforms into a Crossbowman
  • Knight: any type of sword or ax
    • Wooden ax / sword: 3/4 damage
    • Stone ax / sword: 4/5 damage
    • Iron ax / sword: 6/7 damage
    • Golden ax / sword: 3/4 damage
    • Diamond ax / sword: 8/9 damage
    • Netherite Ax and Sword: 10/11 Damage
  • Lord: Armor Stand
    • Unarmored: (50 health, fire aspect 1, sharpness 3)
    • Armored: (75 health, fire aspect 1, sharpness 3)
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