Mod: Artisan’s Blocks

26 Jan 2021

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Artisan's Blocks mod offers to equip your homes with unique types of decorative blocks in Minecraft. Each element can be obtained in survival mode, which means you do not need a creative mode to construct beautiful houses. The assembly contains everything from chains to a tatami carpet that is used in martial arts. Let's move on to the elements themselves and crafting recipes.

Update 1.0

Pillar crafting table
  • Used for crafting tables
Pillar crafting table

  • 59 types available
  • The orientation depends on the type of player: if you look down, the lower part will appear, if forward - the middle, and if up - then the upper
Crafting pillars
Crafting pillars in a workbench
Types of pillars in a flat world

Metal grid
  • New metal decor item
  • Crafted in a stone cutter from a block of iron, gold or netherite
  • Placed horizontally or vertically
  • Double options can be used as walls
Metal mesh craft
Metal grid

  • New decor item made of wood and sticks
  • Placed horizontally or vertically
Lattice craft

  • Used for roofing
  • 16 options and two designs
  • Flat or curved tiles available
Roof tiles craft
The player builds a red roof
The player builds a blue roof

New workbench
  • Used to make chains
New workbench
New crafting table

  • Two types of chains
    • Small
  • Materials
    • Gold
    • Diamond
    • Emerald
    • Lapis lazuli
    • Redstone
    • Netherit
  • There is a bug where chain textures are not displayed in the inventory
Colorful chains
Crafting one link in a chain
Crafting chains

Table saw
  • Workbench for all other elements of the add-on
  • 8 colors available
Table saw
Table saw craft

  • Can be opened and closed
Craft windows

Shelves creation
Kraft shelves

Small wardrobes
  • Can be opened and closed
Small wardrobes
Small cabinets craft

Stacks of wood
Stacks of wood
Stacks of craft wood
Stacks of wood creation
Stacks of wood elements
Stacks of wood pieces

Wooden supports
Wooden supports
Wooden supports kraft

Wood fiber machine
  • Paper and bamboo elements are created in this tool
Wood fiber machine
Wood fiber machine kraft

Shoji screen
  • A curtain of paper and sticks
Shoji screen
Shoji craft screen

  • Bamboo and stick carpet
Tatami craft
Tatami creation
Tatami production
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cats 26 February 2021 18:57
I added it to my minecraft world but it didnt work.
ItsTombs 27 January 2021 23:07
could just be me but the download doesn't work i cant click on it