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27 Jan 2021

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When developing the Damage Indicator mod, the author took the idea from RPG games: Minecraft is very similar to a similar mode, but something is missing in it. After some deliberation, the author came to the conclusion: there is not enough damage indicator. If each damage done was displayed on the screen, then it would be easier for users to navigate in the strength of their attack or the power of this or that creature. This will allow you to evaluate the strategies of the battle against different mobs and even bosses.
Preview of the mod with an indicator showing that you have dealt 5 damage to the mob
  • Shows the damage done to the enemy
  • Controls health
  • Disappears when invisible is applied
  • Maximum draw distance - 15 blocks
  • There are two types available: a heart icon and a health bar
  • Installing a build can still earn achievements

Several types of supplements
Several types of supplements
Green health bar
Green health bar
Boss health bar
Boss health bar
Health recovery
The golem restores health by one unit after taking damage

  • The function works in such a way that it shows the decrease in the health of the mob, and not the damage itself. That is, if you finished off a mob that has 1 unit of health, then the damage indicator will show an attack of 1 unit, even if you hit with a diamond sword
  • The indicator shows damage up to 100 units, if it is more, then "100+" will be displayed
  • The function uses a special property of the latest version of the game, so the early ones will not pull it

Health bar
Installing the health bar
Indicator with health bars for the player and mobs, showing the amount of remaining health
Setting hearts
Indicator with hearts above mobs and players showing the number of hearts remaining
Hearts only show health up to 100 units, so use the health bar if your mobs have more health. The build does not work with horses, tropical fish, slugs and squid.
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