Mod: Personal Safe

06 feb 2021


Often, playing multiplayer, even the best friends become serious competitors in the struggle for resources. At such moments, it is important to protect your values ​​from the hands of others. It is not safe to use secret bases or chests for this, so we recommend using the Personal Safe mod in Minecraft PE.

To use safes, you need to get them in the creative inventory or through crafting. Then taming follows - for this, a key card (for electronic) or a key (for mechanical) is used. The personal safe will be only yours - no one can use it. You can store up to 27 items here. Unlike the End Chest, safes can be created an infinite number of times.

When destroyed, everything will fall out, but the chests themselves received 500 health units, which makes this path of destruction not the most logical. Also, the author added a cool taming sound.
Personal safe in inventory
Taming the personal safe
Personal vault inventory
Personal safe crafting
Crafting Key Card
Crafting a black safe
Crafting a white safe
Crafting a gray safe
Crafting a key
Four types of safes
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