Mod: Ethercraft-Sky Dimension

09 Feb 2021

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The Ethercraft-Sky Dimension mod introduces a new dimension that will be called Ether. This is a quiet place where people have not yet been invited, but recently the path to it was found, so every Minecraft user will be able to visit a new, heavenly dimension.

A similar assembly for Java has existed for a long time, and is now available for the pocket version as well.

Crafting a portal to the heavenly dimension
Crafting a portal to the heavenly dimension
Interact and get ready for a little game freeze.
Placing the portal into a new dimension
A message will then appear.
Pop-up message
Large portal in the forest
An eye for error
An eye for error
After a while, the eye explodes.
Charged eye
  • It is not recommended to create a portal near a house or village
  • What is under the portal will become bedrock
  • The island appears at an altitude of 150+ and removes everything that is there
  • Don't try to break the portal
  • Leave when the portal is activated
  • Find a wide open space

Flying pig
  • Peaceful pig
  • Can be flown with an etheric saddle
  • Food source
Flying pig
Player riding a flying pig
  • Dharkmoa's leg drops
  • Not the worst monsters
Patterned whale
  • Rare enough
  • Friendly, but love to eat a couple of rabbits, especially horned ones
Patterned whale
Horned rabbit
  • Tougher and stronger than regular rabbits
  • Essential rose is used for cultivation
  • Push the player with their horns
  • They are afraid not only of whales, but also of ordinary rabbits, considering them supernatural
Horned rabbit
  • Four types: yellow, green, blue and red (rare)
  • Spawn Beaches
  • Attack when provoked
  • Amphibians: you can swim with them without problems
  • Dharkmoa leg used to tame
  • They like to eat dharkmoa meat, but do not attack them because they will die
Yellow reptile
Green reptile
Blue reptile
Red reptile
Reptile spawn on the beach
Taming reptiles
Flying skeleton
  • Distant relatives of regular skeletons, but with a helmet and wings
  • Recommended to run
  • They beat with a sword, shoot arrows - extremely dangerous
Flying skeleton
Long-necked zombie
  • Creepy
  • Make sounds of ice
  • Drops frozen zombie meat to fill your inventory with unnecessary items
Long-necked zombie
Long-necked zombie attack animation
Boss cube
  • Not much to say: this is the cube and this is the boss
  • Has several stages of battle
  • Will not stop until it kills the user at any cost
  • Drops a portal to the heavenly world
Boss cube
Phase 2 Boss Cube
Boss cube unknown phase
Boss Loot Cube
New blocks
  • There are a lot of blocks, so the author did not describe all of them and presented only a part in the screenshots
  • Do not break special blocks with a silk touch
Colorful heavenly world
Ethereal board
Ethereal board
Obtaining decorative blocks
Obtaining decorative blocks
Crafting aether steps
Essential berries
  • Interact to get them
  • Grow in the heavenly dimension
Essential berries
Essential TNT
  • Powerful explosion
Essential TNT
Essential TNT blast
Ether table
  • Used to craft armor
Ethereal crafting table
Making armor in the ethereal crafting table
Block clouds
  • Dense celestial blocks
Block clouds
Chickens on block clouds
New items
  • All crafting recipes are available in the game
New items in the player's inventory
Etheric Saddle
Aether Pickaxe
  • Breaks down all etheric elements quickly
Aether Pickaxe
Aether Ore
Aether Ore
Obtaining Aether Ingot
Ether block
Don't forget to enable Experimental options in the map settings
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Supported Minecraft versions

1.16.210 (beta)






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