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10 Feb 2021

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Everyone who loves dragons is obliged to increase their number in Minecraft. One single Ender dragon is too little, especially since it is hostile. Therefore, we recommend the Reign of Dragons mod, which includes new types of legendary monsters. You can fight flying giants, steal their eggs and hatch your own dragons to serve you faithfully. In addition, the expansion includes new types of dragon skin and Valyrian steel armor.

Fire dragons are magical and wild creatures that inhabit the Upper World. They are famous for their skills in flying and destroying all living things with the help of fiery explosions. The larger their size, the stronger they are: even small dragons can easily deal with the user, so be on the lookout. Mobs received four types of attack.
Four kinds of dragons
Ice dragons have similar behavior, only instead of fire they will use the element of ice.
Four colors of dragons
To produce a dragon, you need to get its egg, and then send it to fire or ice - depending on the type of dragon. In 30 minutes you will become the father or mother of the baby.
Fire Dragon Eggs
Ice Dragon Eggs
Small species can be tamed and raised with raw meat. Cubs can even climb onto the hero's shoulders, and growth stage 10 allows for saddles. At the 20 stage of growth, you can use ice or fire if you get an item called "Drakaris".
Big red dragon
Big blue dragon
Here you can find the dragons themselves and their eggs.
Fiery dragon dwelling
Ice dragon dwelling
Drakaris - used to use the elements of ice or fire by a tamed dragon.
On death, dragons shed their skin, from which you can craft various types of armor. The armor provides knockback immunity and netherite toughness.
Dragon Leather Armor
Valyrian Steel is similar to Iron Double Armor.
Valyrian Steel
Battle axes are the best weapon for fighting flying monsters.
Types of battle axes
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