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12 Feb 2021

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The trend for creating furniture for Minecraft continues. Consider the Peepss Furniture mod, which offers as many as 50 types of furniture to decorate homes in a blocky world. True, some of them are variants of the same furniture, nevertheless, the items will help in arranging interiors. The assembly includes a refrigerator, stove, chairs and other items.

Some of the blocks received two types: open and closed or on and off, for example, a ceiling lamp and a kitchen countertop.

Please be aware that a beta build may contain bugs and other issues.

Feature List
  • Chairs in different colors
  • Computer cases
  • Fridge
  • Plate
  • Kitchen countertops
  • Kitchen cabinets: bottom and top
  • PC table
  • TV table
  • Large and small tables
  • PC
  • Monitor
  • Restroom
  • Chandelier
  • Plate
  • Blender
  • Leaf wall (with corner)
  • Purple flower
  • Mini Trophies (3 YouTubers)
  • Mailbox
  • Stone path
  • Gaming chair (you can sit)
  • Bathroom sink
  • Armchairs (16 colors, you can sit)
  • Sofas (16 colors, you can sit) (Has 4 blocks: corner, left, right and middle)
  • Halloween pumpkin
  • Grave
  • Fairy and Demon Wings (3D Armor)
  • Witch Hat and Broom (3D Armor)
  • Wooden chairs, large and small tables (all types of boards)
  • Park bench (all types of boards)
  • Bath
  • Shower
  • Laptop (can be interacted with)
  • Super dye (can be used to make all types of furniture - just put in a stone cutter)
  • Trampoline (16 colors, you can jump)
rack with armor
various types of furniture 1
different types of furniture 2
different types of furniture 3
various types of furniture 4
various types of furniture 5
various types of furniture 6
Several types of costumes
unusual plants
washbasin 1
washbasin 2
gaming chair
player on the gaming chair
Lots of chairs
Many armchairs
Lots of corner sofas
Lots of side sofas
Many sofas
Pile of sofas
Halloween hat
Spooky weapon
Hat and broom
Angel and demon wings
Different types of tables
Player on chairs
Wooden chairs
Wooden benches
Player bathroom
Multi-colored kitchen tables
Crafting a new type of pumpkin
Crafting rainbow dye
Many colorful shelves
Corner shelves in all colors
Five colored refrigerators
Three types of laptop
All colors of trampolines
Small shelves for the bedroom
Steel and steel craft
craft armor 1
craft armor 2
craft armor 3
craft armor 4
craft weapons and tools 1
craft weapons and tools 2
craft weapons and tools 3
craft weapons and tools 4
craft weapons and tools 5
craft weapons and tools 6
craft weapons and tools 7
craft weapons and tools 8
  • /function chairs
  • /function furniture
  • /function pccabinet
  • /function steel
  • /function dark_steel
  • /function wood_chairs
  • /function couchs_middle
  • /function couchs_left
  • /function couchs_right
  • /function couchs_corner
  • /function armchairs
  • /function park_bench
  • /function mini_trophies
  • /function small_tables
  • /function big_tables
command input
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Kun 6 January 2022 23:35
This mod so similar to MrCrayfish's furniture mod