Mod: Bendy And The Ink Machine

14 Feb 2021

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The Bendy And The Ink Machine mod is dedicated to all fans of the game of the same name and, of course, Minecraft PE. Both creepy mobs and friendly allies will appear in the game with cool, custom animations.

Ink monsters

A hostile mob that will attack not only the player, but also the villagers. The seeker resembles a creature based on a human, but created from ink. The size of the mob is also the same as that of a human.
  • Health: 20 units
  • Damage: 3
  • Spawns at night
  • Attacks the player in groups of 2-5 individuals

Seeker Miner
Another version of the seeker, but with a miner's helmet on his head.
  • Health: 150 units
  • Damage: 6

Seeker (Boss)
A giant version of the seeker with a hat on his head.
  • Health: 400 units
  • Damage: 15
  • Spawns extremely rarely
  • Strong and has various abilities
Completely black mob "Seeker" next to Bendy
A hostile mob that appears to represent a human being, namely Norman Polk, one of the characters in the universe. The projectionist is made entirely of ink.
  • Health: 300 units
  • Damage: 9
  • It rarely spawns at night
  • Only sees the player if they are hit by a spotlight
Terrifying mob "projectionist", directing light directly at you
Butcher gang
Quite strong, but each has its own weaknesses.
  • Spawn at night
  • Sometimes gaining abilities
Butcher gang
The man who is covered in ink.
  • Health: 30 units
  • Damage: weapon dependent
  • Spawns naturally
  • Unique attack animation
Mob "Lost" with glowing eyes that terrify
Cut bendy
A cartoon cut from the material of the original bendy.
Cut bendy
Alice Angel
Transforms into Boris, the cruel Boris, or the dead Boris.
  • Health: 200 units
  • Damage: 20
  • Always knows where you are
Alice Angel
Giant hand
A huge mob that spawns in the oceans and drowns players.
  • Health: 200 units
  • Damage: drowns the victim
  • Very dangerous
Giant hand underwater
Bertrum Piedmont
A carousel with horses and a face in the middle.
  • Health: 200 units
  • Damage: Increases
  • If the boss is in attack mode, then the user will not be able to hit him. In this case, the boss does not move and has 4 stages of attack, each of which is stronger than the previous one
Bertrum Piedmont
The cruel Boris
A devilish version of Boris that appears due to the demonic Alice.
  • Health: 400 units (3 stages)
  • Damage: increases each stage
  • Battle stages:
    • Rapid attacks
    • Moves faster and can attack while jumping
    • Combination of the first two stages with the ability to shoot
Demonic Boris
Beast Bendy
The final version of the demon that cannot be killed with weapons.
  • Health: immortal
  • Damage: unknown
  • Drops pieces of the drum: you can collect the tool and kill the mob
  • Command to get drum pieces: /give @s batim: reel_piece
Terrifying Beast Bendy in the Night Rain
Scary monster Bendy with floating body parts
Drum to kill the beast bendy. The command to get is /give @s batim: reel.
Drum for the destruction of the beast Bendy
Ink demon
An extremely dangerous mob that kills anyone who gets in the way. But don't worry, the chance of a monster spawning is extremely rare.
  • Health: unknown
  • Damage: 20 points or instant kill
  • After death, it goes into the final stage
  • Sees the player from afar and imposes blindness
  • Scrimmers
Ink demon
Ink Demon mob with ink flying overhead
Ink friends

Alice, Tom and Boris are friendly mobs that can be tamed. You will have to find out the subject for taming yourself: as a hint, the author mentioned that this is an element from the expansion. Use bread or mushroom soup for treatment.

A mob that looks like a man with a doggy face. One hand of Tom is mechanical, and in the second the mob holds an ax for battle with enemies.
  • Health: 100 units
  • Damage: 30
Mob "Tom" with an ax and a dog's face instead of a human
Hostile mob "Tom" stands in the middle of the room next to Bendy
A mob that looks like a humanoid human. Attacks monsters with a sword.
  • Health: 100 units
  • Damage: 15
Mob "Alice" and gloating Bendy
The mob looks like Tom, but runs away when he encounters monsters.
  • Health: 20 units
  • Behaves like a lamb when facing monsters
Mob "Boris" representing the calm and peaceful version of Tom
Weapons and items
  • Damage: 15
  • Kills the cut bendy
  • Custom animation
  • To get it, enter the command /give @s batim: ax
Modified ax
New weapon in the form of an ax
  • Damage: 7
  • Custom animation
  • To get it, enter the command /give @s batim: pipe
Huge pipe
  • Damage: 8
  • To get it, enter the command /give @s batim: wrench
  • Damage: 20
  • To get it, enter the command /give @s batim: sword
Tommy machine gun
  • Damage: 10
  • To get it, enter the command /give @s batim: tommygun
Tommy machine gun
Ink machine
  • What is behind all the inky evil
  • Lever activated
  • Do not leave the machine running for a long time, otherwise the game will freeze
Ink machine
  • You will learn how it works when you use
  • To destroy the door, open it and start breaking
  • Enter /function to get items and chat will show the available commands
  • To disable music use the /function bruh command
3D blocks
3D blocks
Underground elements
Underground elements
Ink maker
  • Workbench for the items of this expansion
Ink maker
Trade and craft
Crafting new items from the ink maker
Crafting new items from the ink maker
Crafting new Bendy and the Ink Machine themed items
Bendy transformation
Transforming into an insidious bandy with a lot of health
Transformation into Boris
Transformation into Boris
Ink Demon Transformation
Ink Demon Transformation
Little Bendy
Little Bendy
  • Summon Ink Demon
Demonic ritual to summon an ink demon

You must enable Experimental gameplay in the map settings
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