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23 Feb 2021

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It's hard to believe, but the Pokémon universe remains popular even 20 years after its release. The creators have created a unique franchise that has captured the minds of people. The SERP Pokémon mod introduces Pokémon to the world of Minecraft. Moreover, not only mobs will appear, but also evolution, a system of battles, breeding creatures and riding mobs. The coolest part is that it doesn't even need experimental mode to work.

Update after update, the assembly will be replenished with new creatures and functions.

  • Cute and obedient pokemon
  • Answers when provoked
  • Spawn: all forests except snow

  • Prefers warm climates
  • Spawn: near lava and in the mountains

  • Great swimmers
  • Spawn: rivers and beaches, sometimes villages

  • Weak at first, but strong in training
pokemon and evolution
  • Very dangerous
  • Stay away from them
  • If you take one mob to yourself, then you have nothing to fear

  • Looks like a harmless bird
  • When handled correctly, they become a deadly weapon

  • Pest if not fed and washed
  • If you do this, then the mob will become the best comrade

  • If you see a mob, then run away, because there are many more of them.
four types of pokemon
  • Pure poison, but only attacks when provoked
  • Inhabits swamps and plains

  • Beautiful pokemon
  • Temperamental and dangerous pokemon

  • Tenacious mobs
  • Inhabits deserts

  • Poisonous creature
  • Use wisely
Ekans, pikachu, sandsru and nidoran
  • Moonstone lover
  • Make friends and go looking for stones
  • If you give him one of them, you may be surprised

  • Wild pokemon
  • Prefers to be pampered before engaging in combat

  • Star singer
  • Don't ignore him
  • Can be found sleeping on rocks

  • Pretty annoying
  • Inhabited by all kinds of caves
  • If you find one, then be sure that there are many of them.
Four types of Pokemon
  • Spawn everywhere
  • Close connection in Bulbozaurus
  • Beware of stun powder

  • Thinks very slowly
  • Friendly to people
  • Afraid of the Shelder
  • Spawns on warm shores

  • Spawns on warm shores
  • You can create a Shulker Shell from its Shell
  • Bites slowpoks

  • Innocuous but useful
  • Grows fungus, which can be obtained and made into a delicious soup
Different pokemon
  • Badly hit by the R team
  • Found in savannah but rare

  • Great travel animal
  • Dwell in oceans
  • The best way to move on water, but the mob will not want to land
Cubon and Lapras
  • First Legendary Pokemon
  • Very rare
  • Spawns on the tops of frosty biomes
  • Extremely aggressive
  • Can be caught with a masterball

Myuto (shadow)
  • A true legend
  • Tournament fighter
  • Currently only available in creative mode, but will soon be available in survival mode
Articuno and Myuto
Team R
  • Attack when provoked
  • Able to call Pokémon for help
  • Don't touch them
Team R
Now all types of Pokémon are captured using Pokeballs. The better the Pokeball, the easier it is to catch the mob.
Four types of pokeballs
Using pokeball
Shining Pokemon
Shining Pokemon
Various pokemon
Slot machines
Pure lottery and test of user's luck: put your money in the machine and expect to win. The player can get anything from sticks to nether.
Slot machines
Craft slot machines
Berry bushes
  • Four types of berries are dropped
  • Used to make poisons
  • Seeds are dropped
  • The plant grows through several stages
berry bush
fruits from the bush
plants' seeds
plant growth
application of berries
berries craft
craft with berries
You can speed up the process of plant growth with a special accelerator.
Special growth accelerator application
Special Growth Booster Recipe
Evolution Mineral
  • Generated in caves
  • Each contains four types: moon, stone, water and lightning effect
Evolution Mineral
4 minerals
A computer
  • Here you can make transactions for received goods
  • Some items can only be purchased here
a computer
computer trading
trade menu
craft computer
Treatment point
  • Interact with your trainer card to heal your Pokémon
Treatment point
Treatment point device
Healing station craft
Storage computer
  • Buy Trainer Cards here
Interacting with computer storage
Storage computer
Kraft storage computer
Trainer Cards
  • Used to heal pets
  • Six types available
6 different trainer cards
Crafting Trainer Cards
A new type of plant that resembles berries. After applying the accelerator, they will create a random product that will fall from the plant in a few minutes. These fruits are used to craft Poké Balls.
Apricot growth
There are many types of apricots available.
5 types of apricots
Crafting parts of pokeballs and the pokeballs themselves
Crafting pokeball parts
Pokeball crafting
Creating Pokeball Parts
Creating different parts of the pokeballs
Crafting pokeball parts
Crafting items in the add-on
Crafting Poké Ball Parts
Shrub extraction with an ax
Shrub extraction with an ax
Catching Pokemon
You will know that you have caught a Pokemon if you see particles above it. After that, the mob will begin to follow you and protect. Use a deluxe ball to keep your Pokémon in the Poké Ball.
taming pikachu
Pokémon storage
catching pokemon
Crafting Shulker Shell from Shelder Shell
Crafting Shulker Shell from Shelder Shell
Any Pokemon can now sit.
Sitting pokemon
Riding pokemon
To fly a Pokemon you need a special item that costs $ 128 in the store.
Pokemon on the grass
Dragon on the mountain
Flying pokemon
Use your coaching cards to borrow computers for storage. After that, they will only belong to you.
Computer storage
Computer storage inclusion
Pokémon evolve within a few hours, but if you are impatient, then use rare candies.
evolution of pokemon
candy player
candy evolution
Elements can now be generated on the ground. When destroyed, you will receive many useful things.
Pokeball on the ground
Various elements on earth
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Auron 8 June 2021 00:40
I like this mod but every time I play it it kicks me off Minecraft