Mod: DLGD – Infinity Challenge

26 Feb 2021

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Fight against bosses, each of which determines its own season with the DLGD - Infinity Challenge mod for Minecraft. Perfect animations, models, particles - your world will become much more beautiful and attractive. The assembly includes seven types of bosses to fight in a blocky universe.

Spring dryad
  • Main dryad
  • Shoots powerful projectiles
  • Summons minions that disappear in a few seconds
Spring dryad
Particles from the spring dryad
Battle of the spring dryad
Summer Dryad
  • The most powerful dryad
  • Attacks with sword and daggers
Summer Dryad
Summer Dryad Spawn
Summer Dryad Particles
Autumn dryad
  • Fast and powerful
  • Can spawn minions
  • Controls fire
Autumn dryad
Particles of the Autumn Dryad
Time Traveler
  • Can control time
  • Sharp sword attacks
  • Don't let her get close to the clock
Time Traveler
Particle Time Traveler
Battle with the time traveler
Yuelu Tian
  • Cute girl
  • Controls elemental stones that can explode
  • Be careful
Yuelu Tian
Yuelu Tian boss fight
Winter dryad
  • Controls ice elements
  • Uses trees to attack the user
Winter dryad
Battle with the Winter Dryad
K-048 - Nightmare
  • A real challenge to the player
  • Can't kill him in normal ways
  • It is enough to survive for 3-4 seconds
K-048 - Nightmare
K-048 - Nightmare Boss Fight
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